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Matt Taylor you diamond

Turned down the PNL, and Orrible Appleton leaves us with this gem.

"But I'm being told by his representative that he hasn't got a desire to play for his hometown club.


  • I think it's some kind of cryptic thread. We have to guess what the hell he's on about.

  • It's Chasharps, which means it'll be one of the following

    1)slating Dev
    2)beer related nostalgia
    3)slating one of the local rivals.

    So this one is 3 - and it seems Matt Taylor (presumably) from Oxford, has turned them down.

  • Matty Taylor has turned down Oxford I assume. They would be his hometown club I think.

    Imagine he's signing for us

  • wouldn't count on the last line!

  • I believe he may be going north of the Border. Or at the very least north of League 1

  • WAIT. Just seen he's staying at Rovers. I heard that Hearts were interested.

  • This thread is about the ex-Burnley and West Ham one, not the Rovers one.

  • I did wonder if i'd got it the wrong way round, but @Croider , you've confirmed how I first read it!

  • Pretty sure it's the rovers one......

  • Worst. Quiz. Ever.

  • For the avoidance of all doubt, it is the Bristol Rovers Taylor, he has indeed stayed with Rovers and it does indeed seem he has rejected Oxford and pissed off Appleton in the process. Top man.

  • On balance, do we want him to score several goals in the games against Oxford?!

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