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Kretzschmar signs for Woking

Good luck to Max! Hopefully he will get enough game time to show everybody what he can do!


  • They also have Sellars on trial I believe.

  • And they've just signed Gozie Ugwu!

  • Still believe Kretch has more to offer if given a real run of games.

    All the best lads.

  • Perfect move for him really. Decent side but one he should be able to command a first team place in.

    Given a proper chance I'm sure he'll thrive as there's plenty of talent there, he just needs the opportunity to grow into a player who plays week in, week out.

  • drop 1 level, staying local, sounds a good move. Hope it goes well.

  • All the best to the lad

  • Always thought he was talented so hope he does well.

  • Hear hear.

  • Excellent news. Really hope it works out for him.

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