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Oxford sell 21 year old winger for fee rising to 1.6m!


  • Does it? Our fee for Ibe will hopefully rise to ~£3.1m. Our deal for Phillips would have been worth about £1.7m had we not screwed it up. Our deal for Ingram... who knows how much that might be worth.

  • I'm of course referring to the initial down payment - i'd be amazed if OUFC haven't included a sell on clause in addition to the 1.6m

  • The key difference is we have to sell to survive, Oxford don't.

  • What's the 'initial down payment' in the O'Dowda deal?

  • In fairness, money has shot up just in the last 5 or so years.

    But no doubt Oxford are negotiating from more of a position of strength than we've done. Although they were supposed to have made a huge loss. But a couple of big sales seems to have sorted that!

  • Wasn't he one of our youth team....

  • Don't think so, apparently he's been with Oxford since the age of nine.

  • I'm mistaken then...

  • You might be thinking of James Roberts. He moved to the PNL's from our academy after it was closed down.

  • Ok that be the one...cheers for that..

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