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On Akinfenwas snapchat (mrbeastmodeon) , there is a picture of a bloke I don't recognise. Could be a trialist. Anyone recognise him?


  • Does anyone have any idea who these trialists are ? Not sure why the club are so secretative, it would be nice to know the calibre and experience of the players that we are looking at .....

  • Nick Freeman from Histon apparently one of them

  • @fromtheside said:
    Nick Freeman from Histon apparently one of them

    20 year old midfielder. Made debut for Histon aged 16. Scored 17 goals from midfield last season.

  • Sounds like a potentially exciting prospect

  • Some people just hate not knowing. For me if the trialists are any good we'll hear soon enough. If they don't work out I'm not that fussed.

  • Its unusual for the names and details of trialists to be revealed on their first showing. It can alert other clubs for one reason. I am sure the names of the ones that have been kept on post France will be made know on Tuesday.
    Last year was excellent from a trialist perspective. Lets face it some of best players have come that way.

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