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  • Slightly concerned by his comment "[it was a] physical match...not an easy match for flowing football."

    I really hope, with the quality of players signed so far, we can start to move away from this style of play.

  • I don't think we're going to turn into a team of shrinking violets over the close season, especially after signing Akinfenwa. They're speaking from the perspective of French football, which generally places a greater importance on the technical side of the game than the English 4th tier (though to be fair, it's hard to imagine a more physical league than ours!).
    The interview in French was concentrating more on how young a lot of the Le Havre players were, some being work experience lads (if my French is up to scratch enough).
    No mention of the incident where Akinfenwa and one of the Le Havre players were sent for an early bonnet de douche, as Del Boy would say.

  • Being able to keep going right to the end will earn a team quite a few points each year. If Wycombe can demonstrate a determination to keep going and force the ball into the net from what the Le Havre website describes as "a big scramble in the Le Havre area", even in a pre-season friendly with nothing riding on it, that's a good sign IMO.

  • Even against some schoolboys.

  • Couldn't help noticing the similarity between the Havre club's colours and badge to ours. Obviously, given the post match interview, little comparison to playing styles?

  • Not sure which interview you are referring to @ReadingMarginalista , but there is no mention of young players, or even work experience lads - unless of course they've edited the interview since this morning?

  • @EwanHoosaami I love their badge.

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    @Fidget This morning there was only one interview in French (with the player), though by the time I look this evening after work they'd put a translation of the manager's interview.
    The player clearly speaks about young players on a 'stage' from approx 1:00. Dunno if the one who got lamped by Akinfenwa was one of those, he'll have quite a report to give back at school afterwards!

  • Samba Camara (born 14 November 1992) is a French footballer who plays as a defender for Le Havre AC. According to a French report he was the other red.

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    That's from a parody site, but the guy was 3 stone lighter so its probably close to what being steamrolled by Akinfenwa is like!

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