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Gary Thompson

Hi Guys. Any chance we can start the new season and give him a break.


  • Totally agree

  • Hear hear.

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    Fully agree, however it would appear some people would think not. This was a response to Thompson having a volley well saved...

  • Does he still 'wear a magic hat'? - going to look a bit silly warming the bench with that on.

  • Hi I can confirm that tweet was mine

  • Let's all be honest Thompson is shite

  • No he's not we didn't sign Wycombe he signed us

  • I thought Thompson had a decent year far better than others in what can be said was a very uncreative team.

  • He only had 1 good game

  • Barnet away I assume, but was he any worse than Hayes who dosent get the same sort of stick?

  • Hayes is by far the worst player.

  • Hayes the worst player

  • Hayes actually tries to put in effort

  • No he doesn't, he only runs for balls he can't get and just flicks the ball all over the place. No first touch and no ability to pass.

  • Can Hayes and Thompson take a player on, break away and leave the defender in their wake, I know Hayes can flick a few balls here and there, but after pre season training, I hope Hayes can jump and Thompson can pass the ball to a team mates in a better shooting position? That's what I'm looking for as well as scoring this campaign.

  • Well, that's a mite more constructive than the preceding dross @Ciderk1d .

  • @johnthehair said:
    Hi Guys. Any chance we can start the new season and give him a break.

    Well, it would appear not.

  • @bradley_lines said:
    Hi I can confirm that tweet was mine

    So what exactly was the point of your tweet then Bradley? What does "fuck sake Thompson" mean when in response to a tweet saying he had a volley WELL SAVED?

    @Bristol_wwfc said:
    No first touch and no ability to pass.

    Are you really claiming that Paul Hayes has no first touch...? If I may use a much loved Gasroom 1.0 - FMOB!

    The season isn't even 90 minutes old for any of the players and the drones are already out in force.

  • Take cover people. The Facebook Warriors are here!

  • @Fidget - FMOB, YCMIU, DOFL etc.

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    I have a rule when it comes to personal comments, don't post anything on line you would not be prepared to say to that person to their face. Now if only we could get this passed through parliament into Law, life could be so much more entertaining, and trolls might think twice before hurling personal insults.

    Now back to the matter in hand, Thompson probably by his own admission didn't have a great season, will he improve this coming season, probably not, but lets judge him on his performances. The good news is there should be more competition for those players who are not performing.

  • @ReadingMarginalista said:
    Fidget - FMOB, YCMIU, DOFL etc.

    Yes I missed the word 'acronym' from my post above. I could just as easily have used YCMIU or DOFL instead of FMOB.

    Couldn't agree more @SurreyWanderer. Its just far too easy for a keyboard warrior to type abuse without connecting to the fact that it's another human being they are insulting. You can bet your bottom dollar that @bradley_lines wouldn't run up to him and shout "fuck sake Thompson" in his face had he just fluffed a shot, let alone had a volley WELL SAVED.

  • Would probably say it at the game though, which is a closer equivalent than in his face I'd have thought.

  • Flipping heck - the Gasroom went all Facebook for a while. Let's hope normal service has been resumed!

  • Thank God there isn't the option on here to post 'crying with laughter' and fishing emojis.

  • Can I ask why the fishing emojis aren't an option ?

  • @banterking said:
    Can I ask why the fishing emojis aren't an option ?

    Can I ask why they would be? (other than for the purposes of top class banter)

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