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Ticket prices

With the Premier League now capping away ticket prices at £30 (Swansea £20). Is it likely we will see a similar trend in the football league?


  • If we collectively get a TV deal that is collectively worth over £5BILLION (That is FIVE BILLION) then I think it is something we should look at.
    Lets face it the Premier League could happily play to empty stadiums each week or even give tickets away for free and still afford to pay their players enough money to keep them in crystal encrusted sinks.

  • Yes, fair point.

    Just doesn't sit right that you can go to a Premier League away game for £30 but will probably pay £20+ to watch Wycombe play at Crawley for example.

  • One of life's great iniquities.

  • Largely speaking for Premiership clubs the price of tickets has an even bigger irrelevance as most clubs can happily sell out a couple of times over. West Ham put a further few thousand season tickets on sale at under £300. They still have a waiting list in the tens of thousands though.
    In days of old when Wycombe were too far North for me to bother I used to hop on a train and go to West Ham and pay on the door to see first division football. Now the amount of planning to see a premiership game makes it a different and unattainable sport for most of us (especially if you don't have SkySports). Regardless of cost. Which is possibly why I now largely don't give a crap about the national side.

  • Out of interest, why does the difficulty of watching premier league football have a knock on interest in the national team @TheAndyGrahamFanClub?

  • Reading announced cap today. £20 max for both home and away fans

  • @fromtheside . Exactly that.

    £24 to see Wycombe at Orient last year, or pay £6 more and watch 3 levels higher, much higher class of football.
    Seems there should be some knock on effect down the chain, but I doubt the smaller teams can afford the hit as much.

  • @Glenactico I feel that if people can't see their heroes in the flesh they become disengaged with them.
    On a micro note I felt the WWFC fans engage more with the players when they choose/are allowed to go into the Vere Suite.
    If your heroes are only available to you via expensive TV channels or 5 minutes of MOTD you can easily switch off.

  • @Malone completely right, seems mad that you can do watch Premier League for £6 more. However, don't think majority of football league clubs can afford it unfortunately.

    On same note, Sheff Wed charging Villa fans £42

  • Villa and Newcastle fans can look forward to getting stung this year!

    Was never fair when clubs had that Category A,B,C sh!t either. The more glamourous club's fans always getting hit for more.

    Things probably get awkward though, for say Arsenal v Man Utd next year.

    Cheapest home end, £62, and they'll be paying over double the United fans!

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