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First Game Team

Anybody up for a prediction contest on first 11 team for Crawley match . 1pt for each correct starter. No prize apart from a modicum of smug satisfaction. New players go under name of Other.

I'll kick you off
Other: Harriman, Stewart, Other, Jacobson: Cowan-Hall, ONien, Rowe, Bean, Weston: Hayes.


  • Other, Jombati, Stewart, Pierre, Jacobson, Harriman, Onien, Bean, Weston, PCH, Hayes

  • Who is this new signing "Other" ? Have I missed an announcement ?

  • Other: Harriman, Stewart, Pierre, Jacobson: Rowe, O'Nien, Bean: Weston, Hayes, Cowan-Hall

  • other - Sido , Pierre, Stewart, Jocobson, O'Nien, Bean, Rowe, Weston, PCH, Harriman

  • Other
    Sido, Stewart,Pierre,Jacobson
    Harriman, o'nien , Weston
    Paris, beast, Hayes

  • Remarkable consensus that Pierre will still be a wwfc player in a months time. Is this really the expectation?

  • He is not the finished article. Next season he will be long gone.... But I feel we have him for one more season

  • I think he'll still be here at the start of August. The end of it is a different question.

  • @Chris why here for a month? If you feel he will be gone... Why not sold pre season?

  • Still not sure who "other" is. Hopefully he can make brilliant saves, defend superbly, create chances and score 20 goals. What a signing

  • Other, Jombati, Pierre, Other, Jacobson, Pch, O'Nein, Bean, Wood, Southwell, Thompson

  • What I think we'll see
    Other, Sido, Stewart, Pierre, Jacobson
    O'nien, Bean, Weston, Harriman
    Hayes, PCH
    What I hope we see
    Other, Sido, Stewart,Pierre, Jacobson
    O'nien, Rowe, McGinn
    Weston, PCH, Beast/ Southwell

    Tired of Hayes, Wood, and Thompson after last year so don't deserve a start IMO but I would gladly see them come into the team and hopefully see there old form come back to them that was so brilliant 2 seasons ago

  • Wood was a shadow of his former self last season. Hayes I feel had a bad season but still has something.... Verdicts still out on Thompson imo

  • Garry Thompson wasn't even here 2 seasons ago.

  • Other, Harriman, Stewart, Pierre, Jacobson, PCH, Rowe, O'Nien, Weston, Southwell, Hayes

  • For what it's worth @WestLondonWanderer, I like that selection most.

  • The rumours about Pierre seem to have died down a bit. As others have said, he still has flaws to his game, primarily distribution.

  • I also think @WestLondonWanderer has come up with the most balanced 4-4-2 so far with a nice injection of youth. But I think I agree with @leo030500's analysis both what we'll likely see and his favoured 4-3-3 selection (though I'd swap in Harriman for McGinn).

  • Anyone have an idea on who the 2 GK and 4 outfield players we have on trial?

  • I really hope Harriman is not used as a full back full time this season. He offers far too much going forward to waste.

  • just to follow up on RITM comment. Obviously injuries will take their toll and players will move around as a result even ignoring tactical choices. As you know I don't see many games so bow to your better knowledge, but games I have seen PCH is far more effective RM than upfront. harriman is not really a CM.

    So choice firstly of Harriman or PCH on the right - I think I would go for PCH.

    then you have a choice of Harriman or Jombati at RB , I think Harriman

    But as said before a judgement formed on only a few games, so I may be wrong.

  • I agree that don't like seeing Harriman played in the centre. I feel he is more wasted there than RB.

  • Other
    Jombati Pierre Stewart JJ
    Harriman O'Nien Weston
    PCH Hayes

  • I think Harriman actually comes into the season with a bit to prove as he certainly faded in the second-half of the season. Had the season ended in December he'd have been a shoo-in for Player of the Year but post Xmas he was largely a shadow of that player.

    For me, Jombati is a much better right back and also offers additional height, so Harriman should be competing for a midfield slot on the right hand side.

    In a 4-4-2 he'll compete with PCH for a wider role and may lose out. In the narrower 4-1-2-3 that Gareth likes to play he may well sit alongside O'Nien as one of the two advanced midfielders given licence to press the opposition high up the pitch, that looks a pretty useful combination with Bloomfield/Bean/Wood as alternatives and one of Bean/Rowe/Bloomfield/McGinn sat in the deeper role.

  • I think Harriman has the potential to make a really good right-sided midfielder in a tight central three. Lots of surging runs into the channels, the opportunities to overlap as PCH or Hayes drop deeper, license to get forward into the box and score poachers' goals, as he did in the first half of the season. O'Nien can do a similar role on the left hand side of the three, with responsibility for picking the creative pass and looking to thread the ball to the front three. Rowe to sit deep as a Carrick-esque anchor and third central defender on breaks. Three young midfielders with the ball-playing skills, vision and tenacity to be a real challenge. A very exciting prospect.

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