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Battle of Somme - Amazing tribute

edited July 2016 in Football

Fantastic and moving tribute, just wish I could have seen one soldier!


  • I used to take my grandfather Fred Smith of Smiths fishshop Bull Lane to games in the late 60s early 70s. He served in the Oxford & Bucks light infantry throughout the 14-18 war. He hated the German nation with a passion. If he saw a VW he would hit it with his walking stick. As a 10 year old I learned to look up the road and make sure we crossed the road to avoid German cars. Always thought I was doing quite well until one day I heard a crash, he had noticed a Japanese motor bike and pushed it over. From that day we had to cross the road a whole lot more. My other Grandfather Walter Ball also survived and won the league playing in goal for WWFC. My Great Grandfather William Buchanan and his brothers also played, George & Charlie both perished in the fields of France.
    There is a brass plaque in the Vere Suite with the names of the Chairboys who gave their lives in the Great War.

  • Great respect to your grandfather! I can fully understand his feelings. My late Dad was born on Nov 11 1918.,. the day the War ended. Within 2 wks he lost both of his parents to the Spanish Flu. I understand that more people in Europe died of that than in the trenches. I could write a book on my father & how he overcame adversity. The good news is that he became a reasonable footballer before World War 2 & in 1966 he took me to the World Cup Final. I was 18 years old. That was the first & last day I saw Dad in tears.
    We owe so much to both generations. Thanks to Dad I go through the bad times in football to appreciate the few fantastic moments.
    Those of us who went to Leicester will be able to relate to the Welsh tonight.

  • TheChair. I was at Leicester with my son who was then 10 years old. We were in the Leicester end as we couldnt get tickets through WW. I had to grab him very tightly when Wycombe scored the first, but we both went bonkers when Roy headed in the winner.
    Back on the point of the thread, it was good to see that Gareth held a service of remembrance for the current squad.

  • There should also be a plaque of rememberance for your Grandfathers Fish shop(Smith's)!! Without doubt the finest non coastal chippy i ever set foot in.

  • Thanks Chas, a blue plaque eh. Perhaps I should investigate.

  • I think we must be related because my great grandfather was Albert Buchanan, brother to William, George and Charlie. My late father was a Wycombe supporter all his life and I blame him for this unnatural urge to throw my money away following my team around the country for the last 30 years...!

  • Pete. My great grandfather was William the oldest brother (i think) Do you have the picture of Albert in WW striped kit?

  • I'm afraid I have no photographs of him. Would certainly like to find out more about them all.

  • Pete not sure the best way to get my contact details to you. Are you in HW?

  • @Fit2drop @pete As you are both members of this forum, you should be able to send each other direct messages, which are like private instant messages that other forum members can't see.

    If you click on a person's name in one of their posts and then the 'Message' button on the screen that comes up, i think that is how it works.

  • No one else sees such messages.

  • Uncle T and Micra thanks.

  • Well that was an interesting turn up for the books.

  • This is great. Hurrah for the Gasroom!

  • I always thought this was a family club and now I've been proved right! I've DM sent you my email address

  • Scenes. I'm welling up AGAIN.

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