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Snapchat Signing

Their new Snapchat - wwfcofficial - states another new signing.

New players and photos that disappear, we are spoilt.


  • Myles Weston, very good signing!

  • 2 year deal...pacy and tricky player...actually very happy about this, will compliment PCH

  • Let's hope it's not another Banton.

  • Nothing like Banton has more ability in his little toe

  • Good news

  • Yet another Antigua & Barbudian international, to add to the list of Keiran Murtagh and Marvin McCoy.

  • Signing of Weston very good news. I'd been hoping this might happen since I heard he was released by Southend. He'll provide big competition for Sam Wood, as he did at Brentford.

  • As an aside, I like the look of the new training top Myles Weston's wearing in the official photo on the website.

  • It's interesting, but not particularly goal-laden, only 2 in 50 appearances for Southend.

    I'm naturally quick sceptical of signing wingers, particularly those who have flirted around the leagues.

    But then again, Paris managed to turn it round.

  • I don't think a winger necessarily needs to be a prolific goalscorer, as long as they can provide the service which we lacked so chronically last season.

  • It's an impressive signing, though like Paris he was out injured for an extended period last season (November to March in Weston's case). I hope we're doing proper medicals on these players before breaking the bank for them.

    Weston and PCH signing on has basically relegated Sam Wood and Gary Thompson to bench fodder for a season, hasn't it?

  • Im coming over all Al Johnson, "id walk a million Myles,for one of your goals, Oh Wycombe"

  • Hardly broken the bank on PCH - he's on loan till January.
    Always risk with all signings. Welcome him, be cautiously optimistic, wait and see.

  • Myles Weston has had a pretty good fitness record during his career. I didn't know about his long lay-off last season though. Not a club hopper either.

  • I think this could be a great signing, the type of player and position we need so I'm optimistic.

    Now we need a keeper...!

  • @ChasHarps - The Great Al Jolson. I think we ain't seen (or heard) nothin' yet.
    Looks like a good signing. Keep 'em coming Gaz and welcome on board Myles.

  • edited June 2016

    Boris not to be Prime Minister AND @Wwfc2015_ is happy with a signing?? The world is on its head...

  • 2 wingers signed in 2 days does this mean attacking football and not the time wasting shit we saw last season? Let's be fair shit football didn't do us any favours and we deservedly got abused for by opposition fans.

  • Fingers crossed Robin.

  • There isn't a great track record of WWFC signing players who perform well against us and then sign for us, though Weston has been a player I've always liked the look of when I've seen him and am sure can be a good player for us. Hopefully he'll do the business for us, and liven up an attack that had become increasingly static, predictable and ultimately ineffective.

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