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Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers

Apparently now have a senior amateur team. Anyone know how they came to have the "Wycombe Wanderers" bit in their name?


  • In a cynical ploy to clog up my twitter searches and irritate me.

  • Have tried to research this, but I am afraid I'm a bit snookered.

  • Me too. I might email someone there and ask.

  • A flat mate of mine played for Wealdstone in the early '60s and hailed from Wishaw but I don't think I'd started following Wycombe at that time. All in all a useless piece of information!

  • Someone will pop up with the answer, right on cue.

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    I contacted Wishaw through their facebook page and received this reply back -

    We were formed 22 years ago - there was apparently a local Wycombe Wanderers scout in Wishaw and it was at time the world wide web had come into existence - so the committee came up with WWW - Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers - we now have 16 teams of boys and girls and our under 21side are going amateur next season - we re very proud of our name and I personally always look out for Wycombes results every week ( I'm the coach of the under 21s and club president- I've been involved for 16 years ) - I'm in contact with one of the founding coaches and will confirm that my recollection is correct , All the very best, Alex , WWW

  • @Jocks_little_helper Good detective work there.

    Shame they're so far away and we're so skint, otherwise we could cement a relationship by inviting them down to watch a game with all the usual behind the scenes treatment.

  • @Jocks_little_helper Thanks for that! and @Vital, agreed, that would be nice.

  • We could send them a pennant or a shirt for their clubhouse and we could stick one of theirs in Montys Speakeasy

  • I wonder if the coach or scout went under the first name of Adie ? who happens to be my wife's mums cousins. He lived around that area and you will find him in team photos in the nineties.

  • I'll pop over there and flog them some books.

  • Since moving back to Scotland 2 years ago we still follow the Chairboys and go to northern away games when possible. I forgot about this team until I got a notification through for a friendly against them for my son's team. Charles D lives in Wishaw now playing for Motherwell - more useless info haha

  • If you make it to the friendly, please grill them a little about the origins of their name.

  • Back in the dark days of the early 'sixties I had a mate from Wishaw who played one game for Wealdstone Reserves. In lunch break kickabouts he rang rings round us so it brought home to me at the time just how good players at that level were. I lived a short walk from Lower Mead in those days and followed Wealdstone home and away. It was when they became semi-pro and joined the Southern League that I switched to the Wanderers, having admired the likes of Len Worley, Bernie Bremer and John Hutchinson for some time.

    I lost touch with Sam when he returned to Scotland. He became a teacher and would no doubt have been involved with coaching youngsters so, who knows, he may have been influential at some stage in the naming of the local club.

    Having said all that, I've just scrolled back to Peter Jemmett's excellent post regarding his the time. The fact that the club was founded "only" 22 years ago tends to undermine the possibility that Sam Black Francis was any kind of influence.

  • Rang rings!!

  • Interesting stuff micra. Did you move closer to HW or just travel over from Station Road every week?

  • I moved to Denham Garden Village in 1966 - the Licensed Victuallers National Homes.

  • I moved to the LVNH complex after marrying the present mrs micra who was acting matron at the time (aged 24) and had accommodation with her job. When she rang me at work in December 1969 to say "the test was positive " I volunteered to 'disperse' from London to Basingstoke as assistance with house purchase was offered. £4500 for a 3 bedroom semi was just about manageable; £4750 and we had to forget it. Quite incredible, looking back.

    Promotion in 1974 meant moving back to London. I hadn't been getting to too many games whilst living in Basingstoke so I hit on the great idea of moving to High Wycombe. Pleasant enough town, property prices reasonable and a good train service. No other incentive, obviously!

    I'm not sure where you got Station Road from. I was initially in a flat in Harrow View with three (sometimes four) other reprobates and then in digs in Edgware, having left the Met Office and joined MOD in Stanmore which is where the lunchtime kickabouts involving Sam Black Francis took place.

  • There was a thread on the topic of Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers a couple of years ago. Back in the early ‘60s I had a good mate from the little town of Wishaw and wrote about him and his brief foray into senior non-League football with Wealdstone reserves! He used to run rings round the rest of us in lunchtime kickabouts when we worked for MOD at Stanmore but struggled mightily when playing for Wealdstone Reserves against Bromley Reserves. He was wearing borrowed boots though.

  • The Wishaw shop has everything except scarves, good prices too:

    When I went to Perth, Western Australia, in 1992 there was a junior football team called Wycombe Wanderers based in the High Wycombe area of the city, nearby were areas called Penn and Hazelmere (sic). I met one of their coaches and gave him a first team shirt. I can't find them on the Internet now.

  • Steve, you can find it via Facebook

  • Thanks @wformation but I'm being a bit thick, can't find it on there.

  • @:Steve_Peart the High Wycombe Football Club I found appears to be Australian Football.

  • should read pages not pags

  • Good to see Chester based amateur boxer Wycombe King winning impressively again last week.

  • Not sure about him being coached by a McDonagh and a Barrett though!

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