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With all these petitions to annul previous results doing the rounds

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Which WWFC related result would you sign a petition to overturn?

I for one would like to see the 94/95 Division 2 play-offs replayed with us included as the 6th placed team, like we would have done every season apart from 94-95 because of David ****ing Sheepshanks.


  • The vote to become a PLC would be a good one, it was a 2% margin whereas the present "petition" is moaning about a 4% difference

  • The decision to 'sell' Matt Phillips sell-on clause.

  • To appoint Alan Smith.

  • nailed it @robin . Just remembering him saying how "someone" involved in the close running of the club said to him we were "certainties" to be relegated, even though we'd just come 6th really gets the fury going.

  • to leave Loakes Park,this new fangled flat pitch gives away teams too much of an advantage

  • @Mr67 Think that is for me. Should have stayed and rebuilt Loakes folks

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    The decision to let Steve Hayes anywhere near the club

  • Do a Marty McFly and stop the parents of the current moronic drone element of our fanbase ever meeting.

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