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Scott Rendell

Guess where Mr Rendell has turned up......


  • Although I did see him score against Chelski in a pre-season friendly that was one of the seasons I was not able to get to Adams PArk...and I think I was avoiding the old Gasroom in all its glory...what was the story with Rendell? Is he one who got away or one the faithful were glad to see the back of?

  • He had a personal tragedy and was released at the end of that season. I still remember his first game back after losing his child, it was a very emotional game.

    He got some knuckle draggers' abuse early on due to his high price tag, but thankfully no one gave him grief after the tragic events.

  • I heard plenty of abuse afterwards.

  • Certainly had his moments, and a decent eye for goal but seemed to spend a lot of time on his backside - possibly his centre of gravity was a bit high. What happened with his baby was just tragic and must have affected his form. He was much loved at Woking though from everything I read and heard - in fact I think fans there helped raise money for his operation a season or two ago, didn't they?

  • Good luck to him after missing last season due to a very bad injury. Hope he gets a full season 2016-17.

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