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The next 2 games

Whilst Wycombe have home advantage in the next 2 games.
Remarkably the team one place above,and the 5 diectly below us, next
two fixtures are all away from home .
If Wanderers could have collected 4 or 6 points after Tuesday night,
then we really could be in a strong position for automatic promotion.


  • ahhhh, the curse of Tuesday nights at Adams Park, how many years is it since we collected 3 points, season defining moment (again!)

  • I suspect our home form is not significantly better than the other teams' away form. The phrase "home advantage" is I think questionable in our case - I tend to regard away games as the advantageous ones.

  • I think "home advantage" is imperative with regards to these two fixtures.
    As Shrewsbury's home record is pretty daunting, whilst there away form has been none too impressive.

    And Accy away on a cold Tuesday night, is one a lot of managers fear as a potential banana skin. whilst Stanley at home, is a game that teams with real promotion aspirations generally pencil in 3 points (very lightly).

  • It's true - we really should be looking for six points from the next two. That would be promotion form.

  • I think we did ourselves proud at the Shrews so home I think they are the ones to be worried. COYB we are Wycombe super Wycombe from Adams Park!

  • In a bar in Turkey at the mo so quite relaxed.

  • I genuinely would take 5 points from the next 3 games. It may seem under ambitious but I think it is realistic. 9 points from the next 3 would be a huge push toward Auto Promotion.

  • Take 4 points any day next two games, keep the points ticking over, same mantra as the before. Take a draw Saturday.

  • An average of 3 points from every two games after Saturday would get us 79 points plus anything we get on Saturday.

  • That is certainly a possibikity

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