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  • Cant say its an exciting lot.

    Plymouth away on boxing day seems an unnecessary travel imposition and whatever numpty looked at a calendar and decided to schedule a full set of fixtures not on Tues 7th or Tues 21st but on Tues 14 February needs to find a different job.

    Disappointing lot for me personally, most of the west fixtures concentrated in a 12 day window and not much correlation between dates I have to travel for family reasons and convenient away games.

  • Plymouth away on Boxing Day is a shocker.

  • Playing each team home and away and all spaced out fairly well. Well done Football League on that. After that they really have no idea.

    Blackpool away in August could be great or a nightmare depending on what you want from your weekend.
    Why no game on Sat 24th Dec?
    No true Christmas home game will hit the finances
    Why do we play both games against Crewe midweek? Not sure the trains will help us get there.
    Decent last 8 games for those who don't like to travel too far.
    Far too many back to back home games. Can't the league see this hits the clubs as people can't all afford two games in three days or two Saturdays running.
    In October we have 21 days without a home game. Cash flow has to be an issue for all clubs at our level. Does this really help?

    Otherwise our status as a South West club does us or true South West clubs few favours when it comes to travelling and fixture planning.

  • Hotel in Blackpool booked already. The Mrs and kids can enjoy the pleasure beach while I try and enjoy the football!!

  • The really annoying fixtures are the ridiculous Crewe and Accrington games being home and away on Tuesday nights. Especially for me! The cynic says this is being done on purpose to help pursue the case for regional football. Probably not, but who knows!

    Obviously pleased with Blackpool away in the summer, amazing how often that fixture has been played at that time of the season!

  • Will see you on the 20th of August Mr B !

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    Pleasant surprise that there are so many back to back games for me as they already have my money. Too many games in a row for @Wwfc_2015 might result in spontaneous combustion though...

  • Only one home game in December is pretty rough. I understand the long journey on Boxing Day, because i think we're in the south west region as far as fixture compilers are concerned, but being away on Boxing Day and New Years' Eve is hard to take.

  • Plymouth away on boxing day is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Plymouth have got to play someone on boxing day. There is no club anywhere near them

  • Ah, apart from Exeter!

    As you were

  • Still, at least it's not Luton

    Literally anywhere is better than Luton

  • Yes; and we get Luton out of the way fairly early, which is nice.

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    Does anyone know of the reason we have been at home on Good Friday for SIX seasons in a row now - deliberate scheduling for a reason I don't know or just a coincidence.

    Since we joined the football league....

    17 on Good Friday / Easter Saturday
    7 on Easter Monday

  • It's a conspiracy @Keith_Allens_Wig by the Football League who enjoy the usual Gasroom debate about whether or not Jesus would agree with the 3pm kick off time.

  • Plymouth at any time is a bit of a hike, let's be honest.

    Positive is it's not away like usual! Plymouth away midweek is true anorak material.

  • I'd actually prefer Plymouth midweek than Plymouth on boxing day.

    Boxing day games are great and are supposed to give everyone who wants to go the chance to go without too much upheaval.

    Plymouth have Exeter, Yeovil, possibly Newport (not sure on ease of travel on that one).
    We could have had anything out of Barnet, Cheltenham, Cambridge, Colchester, Crawley, Orient, Luton, Stevenage and Portsmouth, and had a reasonable journey time, and they give us... Plymouth!? It beggars belief entirely.

  • PS, probably still going... sigh.

  • 2 midweek games in February when a lot of people don't want to venture out in the cold but only one midweek game in Sep/Oct. Utterly bizarre! Do WWFC representatives at the Football League AGM ever bring this up? If not, why not?

  • 27/8 & 28/1 happy days we8c*lu

  • Remember there will be quite a few extra 'group' games in the JPT.

  • @AttitudeEra said:
    Remember there will be quite a few extra 'group' games in the JPT.

    So we could yet be on for a double header of Plymouth away on a Tuesday night AND Plymouth away on Boxing Day.

  • Does anyone know where I can get the fixture that can be down loaded to iPhone Callander?

  • @WelwynWanderer said:
    Does anyone know where I can get the fixture that can be down loaded to iPhone Callander?

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