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Dayle Southwell

A fair amount of talk online that we've 'won the race' to sign 22-year-old Boston United striker Dayle Southwell.

Never heard of him to be honest, but apparently he's scored 54 goals in 2 seasons (30 and 24), has England C caps and was supposedly attracting a lot of interest from FL sides.

He's supposedly turned down both Lincoln City and former club Grimsby Town. Sounds a bit odd that he'd want to move down here when he could play league football with Grimsby but hey ho. Interestingly, Boston are managed by former Wycombe defender Dennis Greene.

P.s - I'm not claiming this is definitely happening, I'm just passing the rumour along. Don't jump down my throat when he signs for Margate!


  • Boston are managed by former Wycombe defender Dennis Greene

    Fact check son. Dennis was a striker, and also Wycombe's own Bernard Manning. I saw him do a stand up set in town once and have never been able to forget the experience. No matter how hard I try.

  • Apologies. Before my time in my defence. Knew the name and had it in my head he was a left back (God knows why). Wasn't he famously gash?

  • He had a twin brother David (?) Greene who I think was a defender in the Conference days. I can't remember who he turned out for though.

    We had old Chuck on standup duties as well didn't we?

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