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Interesting tweet from Chairman How earlier this afternoon

edited June 2016 in Not Football

Related to the flak that the WWFC board has got for it's less than sterling performance this week?


  • Is that REALLY necessary from him? I mean, what on earth does he think that will achieve?

  • Nothing like having a chairman prepared to stir the spoon. Thanks Mr Howard. I have to assume to are talking about my support of Wycombe Wanderers.

  • You can't blame him really. He has no historic connection to WWFC, gives his time at no cost and gets constant grief from the tits over on Facebook. It's a wonder he's not walked already.

  • I don't mind him coming off message a little bit, it's better than being told we should be 'buzzing' about something.

  • Can't really blame him when you've got idiots demanding this, that and the other (usually involving a shake of the magic money tree) just because they pay an annual tenner to the Trust and £15 or so to watch a match every other week.

    imagine if you were doing unpaid work and getting grief for it?

    I shall worry about our squad when the season begins.

  • I'm not on Facebook so don't know what this abuse consists of. Even so its a bit odd for a chairman to make a really broad negative statement when when it is a really narrow group that are moaning.

    He may have been better off just celebrating his really decent achievement in his other hobby.

  • I don't know whether this is just general ennui with how ungrateful WWFC fans are, or specifically about the (in my opinion fully justified) criticism about the lack of consultation about the clubs position on PL reserves playing in Football League competitions, and then a lack of a clarification of the board's position after a decision was made.

  • fair comment really. an element of our fanbase are utter utter morons and sh!T ungrateful wasters.

    "Wycombe fans are vermin". Oily nailed it. Though I would edit to "some...."

  • It could also actually not be a dig at Wycombe fans at all.

  • As Dr Congo says, this could not be meant as a dig.

    But even if it is, I don't have an issue with it. Some of the morons on the Facebook page need to get a grip. Vermin indeed.

  • I struggle to come to terms with motor racing as a sport at all.
    Not much more than a mobile marketing billboard in my opinion.

  • AH are Wycombe fans that negative really? A couple of moaning teens on Facebook getting him down i think in comparison to other clubs we're a pretty placid bunch.

  • I worry that AH is cut from the same cloth as Steve Hayes was, he views any questioning as negativity.

  • The time to worry will be when AH ceases to contribute substantial time and money to our football club. There may be work to be done on the playing side - there undoubtedly is - but his influence over all aspects of the day-to-day running of the club have been immense. He made it clear when he took over as Chairman that he would run the club as a business and, in my opinion, he has done just that.

  • while i agree some of our fans do act stupid at times on social media, i agree with @Morris_Ital I dont think ours are that bad compared to other clubs. Look what are old friends at rovers are up to, got the Russian quaking in their boots.....


  • To be fair, those ring pulls are a bastard when they snap off...

  • I don't know if I'm more disturbed by him posing with his mums kitchen knife or that he drinks Carling

  • I'm most disturbed by his brass tipped, flat, wooden erection.

  • Anyone wearing cream chino's is seriously unhinged.

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