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"Easing" of loan rule changes

The Football League have posted the following:

"Following FIFA’s withdrawal of consent for the EFL’s ‘emergency loan’ system, clubs have agreed to a number of measures aimed at easing the transition to the revised arrangements, including:

• A player registered on a standard loan may continue to play non-first team football for his parent club during the term of his loan period.
• Clubs will be permitted to sign a goalkeeper on a seven day ‘emergency loan’ basis if they do not have a senior goalkeeper that has made 5 starting appearances in first team football.
• Clubs will be able to recall a goalkeeper at 24 hours’ notice from a loan period at another club if they are unable to field two fit goalkeepers in their 18 man matchday squad."

The first point could be relevant for Wycombe, given the debate on this forum about how loanees who are not involved in the first team every match can be given a game and kept fit.

It also opens up the possibility of partially circumventing the "no loans outside of transfer windows" rule by enabling a team to register a loan player "just in case", on a (reduced) retainer fee to his parent club, with the intention being that the player remains training with and playing for his parent club's reserve team throughout the loan period and is only called up by the team with whom he is registered if needed due to injury, illness or utter crapness of their main squad. In that way, it would be possible for a club to have one or more emergency loan arrangements set in place in advance, covering half or whole season periods.


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