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Jordan Ibe

I have it on good authority that Jordan is going to leave Anfield this Summer. Supposedly, Watford are the main club interested at the moment. Does anyone know for sure if we have a sell on clause? If (big if) he left for around £10 million, that could potentially secure the club's financial future, in the medium term anyway. Considering both Jordan Rhodes and Ross McCormack have been transferred in Championship for £12 million, I don't think, given his age and potential, £10 million is at all unrealistic.

The one slight worry is the other team interested is Southampton, and Ibe may be used as a part of Sadio Mane deal which would mean, as I understand it, we would get nothing.


  • That sounds rather more than a "slight" worry

  • According to COTN, any "add-ons from player sales" would go to pay off the Hayes debt in the first instance (which is no bad thing, but would be a significant dent in anything we got),

    This says we have a 15% sell-on.

  • Pretty sure I've read in a couple of places we have a 15% sell-on clause included, though that would, I believe, only be for any fee on top of what Liverpool already paid us, and minus VAT. If he did go for £10million, we'd likely see rather less than £1million, though in our state that would be some seriously welcome cash.

    I wonder if maybe, in the long term, Kortney Hause might be a more profitable player for us.

    (Ps - it's Jordon, not Jordan).

  • Not sure if transfer fees have VAT on them. if they do, pretty sure figures announced quoted in press would be excluding VAt rather than including VAT anyway.

    IF we have a sell -on of 15% and if we haven't given it away for a pittance (Grrrrrrr) , we would make £1m out of any transfer over £7m (net of vat). £1m is comfortably our record transfer and would make a massive difference to the clubs financial position.

  • It would also make a big difference to Sharkies financial position!

  • Who cares.

  • Domestic transfer fees between clubs ARE subject to VAT apparently (same as any goods and services), but not between clubs in EU countries. Not sure how that works out.

  • There is no VAT charged on trade between the UK and overseas.

    VAT is fairly irrelevant on trade between UK businesses. Seller charges it and pays VAT to Government. Buyer pays it to seller, but claims it back from government. Apart from timing makes no difference.

  • But whether or not VAT is included in the headline transfer figure does make a difference to the amount of sell-on, doesn't it?

  • Of course. I very much doubt it is though - virtually all business to business prices and transactions are quoted net of VAT.

  • I personally hope he stays at LFC a while longer, not least because there is presumably more money to made from clauses in the deal (making X number of first team appearances, winning a full international cap, possibly contributing to a trophy win etc) which we would lose if he joined another club.

    Whilst he's made progress in the last two seasons, he's still not a first team regular and his form has been decidedly patchy. I'd rather he had a couple more seasons at Anfield, established himself in the team and then went for a much higher figure than Liverpool could ever hope to get for him if he were to leave now.

  • If he improved and established himself in the Liverpool side during the next two years, there would be no reason for them to sell him so we would end up with sod all. Better to have some cash now when we desperately need it.

  • But if he starts playing well regularly he'll attract interest from bigger (and higher fee-paying) clubs, regardless of whether Liverpool want to sell him or not, as happened with Sterling.

  • I'd be delighted if he was sold for £10 million.

  • I'm a little disappointed if these rumours are true. I thought Ibe could make it with Liverpool and be worth far more down the line. Feels a bit like the start of the downward slide for Ibe and that makes me a little sad.

  • You could be right RITM, however you could also argue that Ibe is more likely to improve if he was getting regular games at say Watford rather than generally warming the bench at Liverpool.

  • Jordon has far too much character and ability to be on a downward slide. I agree with@mooneyman. Another of our youth players has done pretty well there too.

  • The fantasy, was that Ibe would do a Sterling, develop sharply, then pull a moody, and force a move at the height of his perceived value.
    The worst case was probably that he just develops into a starter, but one who doesn't see the need to leave what is, lets remember still a huge Premier league club. If you're starting for Liverpool, there aren't tonnes of better options.

    All in, £1m coming our way would be excellent, for a player who was always our biggest hope of a debt reducer!

    Ingram and Hause may bank us a bit in the future, but may just as easily not.

  • One or two posters seem to think that we'll get 'sod all' if he stays with Liverpool. I suspect and hope that the club is getting money every time Ibe appears for the Liverpool first team. The conditions attached to Ibe's sale to Liverpool were labelled 'confidential' so I suspect we will never get to know what these were unless and until he moves on.

  • And even then the figures will probably be shrouded in mystery. And why not.

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