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Me me me post of the day

Ok its the closed season and not a lot is happening so I don't feel THAT guilty about posting this.

On the 25th of June I am cycling 150 miles in a day for a really great charity called The Parasol Project. I am doing the coast to coast route through the Lake District and up some ... well mountains its going to feel like.

Let me pre-write some of your thoughts and comments
WTF! He is a MAMIL?
Supporting a charity based in Oxford? Treachery!!!
He can just **** off
Hate cyclists and all they stand for


Wow. Rather him than me. Maybe I will look and find out more about the charity or EVEN give a quid to a really worthy cause.

Cue abuse. I probably deserve it.


  • Shouldn't feel guilty about it at all. It's in 'not football' so that pleases the pedant in me.

    I have never managed more than 75 miles in a day so hats off. Will check the page later.

  • But will it be as hard as cycling up Bookerhill Lane?

    PS - Good luck!

  • @arnos_grove you are a star. Thanks. And no matter how much I convince myself otherwise i think you are right - its going to be brutal.

  • My mate's just done it, found it testing and he's a proper challenge freak. I'll stick with my 75 mile tootle around Notts for now!

  • Most I've done is 50 miles in a day. Left me walking like a cowboy that lost his horse for a few days and I won't even go into the chaffing issues!!
    So I "doff my chapeu" to you both.

  • All the best!

    I had trouble driving up Hardknott Pass last summer let alone cycling!

  • Yeah Hardknott is the iconic one. Rather concerningly Denise Lewis attempted it on an ITV show a while back and it did not go well. I'll be honest and declare I was never an Olympic gold medalist.

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