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For those beer-lovers in and around High Wycombe

There are often complaints about the numbers of pubs that have closed down in Wycombe but you're about to get something new. The Red Squirrel Brewery Co of Hemel Hempstead opened a beer shop in Berkhamsted. It proved very successful and one in Chesham followed soon after. A new one then opened in Amersham and now High Wycombe is to see a brewery shop and pizzeria open in Church Street.

It's not just a shop - you can drink there too - and at very reasonable prices. It specialises in selling beer from independent sources and micro-breweries. Rather than sell on to supermarkets for a pittance in profit, the Brewery Shop is going direct itself. Judging by how popular it's been in Berko and Chesham it will be a welcome addition in High Wycombe. Follow them on Twitter @HWbreweryshop.


  • Sounds good. Having searched around on Twitter it's actually @hwbrewshop

    Sadly as with all such ventures these days, the dreaded word 'artisan' is being bandied about in the press release. Thankfully though, the menu and beer list aren't being 'curated'.

  • Been to Amersham. Really good concept and good luck to them. Artisan just means not mass produced fosters so [email protected] worry about that. I'll certainly be a customer!

  • Decent news, been to the Amersham & Chesham shops and both are decent if not exceptional for cider. Will be a worthy addition to High Wycombe

  • Don't know if it's the same company, but there's one outside Chalfont and Latimer station and it's superb - well worth a visit.

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