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I see that the Bucks Free Press's favourite midlands sporting team had a high-profile game at the weekend. And how many did they pack into their wonderful 20,000 seater megadose? 5400.

Now I do have an O level in maths but am prepared to be proved wrong. Would 5400 have fitted in a 10,000 seater stadium?


  • Who gives a toss, Wasps are history. The air is much sweeter now.

  • Have they run out of freebee tickets to hand out?

  • It is scary that many wwfc fans were prepared to support Hayes. Lets learn

  • as we enter March, with an 'egg chucker' free pitch, the grass will grow, we will play it on the floor, we will win, we will win in style, we will get promoted - tell me its not a dream.

  • I think you will find that the attendance was nearly 17000.
    Good old BBC - as crap as ever

  • I saw 5,400 in the paper on monday morning.,

  • Who cares?

  • Makes no difference to us whether they get 3000 or 30000.

  • Buzz buzz buzz.......just cut a 2litre coke bottle in half, up end it cover in jam and watch them die from their own gluttony..... For me that's deep I need to relax more........

  • Really couldn't care less now they are not on our premises any more.

  • I agree and am surprised that anyone wants to start this off. They have moved and seem to be doing better. Some people need to move on too.

  • Not sure I'd agree that they're doing any better.

    What a mess! They will take Coventry City down with them. It could have been us.

  • Wasps' ability to make their loan payments is, according to them, dependent on CCFC remaining as tenants at the Ricoh. But CCFC think (and are probably right) that a football club with no commercial revenue from it's stadium simply isn't viable.

    They'll end up moving elsewhere, going bust, or suffering a massive decline and failing to pay their rent. Wasps will then default on their loan payments.

    The whole thing is a farce. I imagine Coventry council is going to find itself £13m out of pocket.

  • The Pests will be toxic where ever they go. Sooner or later someone will get the fly spray out and finish them off....

  • Hope the Coventry Council has an efficient Pest Control Officer

  • Where is Mr. Tattler when you need him ?

  • I do wonder if there is a secret new Gasroom somewhere else online, comprised of just Tattler, Monsoon and occasionally Che.

  • I am beginning to suspect they were sock puppets.

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