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Blackpool down in the basement with us once more

How the mighty have fallen. Very sad state of affairs. At least Blackpool did get right up to the top, more than our club ever will...


  • Oh thou of little faith...

  • 'Ye of little faith' not 'thou' so the big man upstairs tells me.

  • How the mighty have fallen? We aren't exactly talking Man Utd here! Blackpool had one surprise season in the PL. Other than that they had spent much of the last 30 years or so in the bottom divisions.

    Using them to snipe at our own club seems pretty pathetic.

  • Would any sane human being wish for owners like the Oystons in return for a season in the top flight? Talk about selling your soul to the Devil.

  • No. Yes.

  • If you look at what they have and still are doing to the club...almost mentally ill as a family in inviting more and more antagonism and enjoying it. Money disappearing. Taunting the fans. Insulting the fans. Threatening fans. Suing fans over website posts. I think they think the Blackpool fans are like the Geordies...they will turn up whatever they are served, but they are finding it not to be the case. I know Pool fans who will not return while they are in charge...crowds are falling, they expect there to be negligible season ticket sales and no-one buying with low or no turnover they could fall foul of Financial Fair Play rules. It makes complaints on here about lack of communication, the club talking down our finances and not having good enough players look quite sad.

  • Comparing any football team to Blackpool is like arguing with an idiot. Incredibly hard and ultimately fruitless

  • My point is, that after all our own club went through under the leadership of Mr Hayes, I am more than happy to have a fan owned club with some sort of stability rather than the boom and bust of Blackpool. I don't care if we don't get to the top...

  • I think they think the Blackpool fans are like the Geordies...they will turn up whatever they are served

    Average attendance at Newcastle United in 1991 was 16,834.

  • You know what I mean Chris...Ashley has survived largely because the Toon faithful keep turning up in enough numbers to make it profitable for him.

  • I'll not be giving Blackpool FC any money while they Oyston's are still there, may watch AFC Blackpool, AFC Fylde, Squires Gate, Blackpool Wren Rovers etc instead though

    A chance to continue our torrid home record against them - the beginning of the end for Sanchez was a 4-1 home defeat to them, just after we'd got into the playoffs

  • I'd say there's a fair chance AFC Fylde will pass Blackpool in a short time.

  • @Keith_Allens_Wig Somewhat amazingly, one of our squad from the 1-4 home defeat to Blackpool way back in 2002 - Dannie Bulman - has just made it to Wembley for the play-offs this year, albeit in the division below where we were then.

  • @perfidious_albion Spot on thanks for the correction.

  • I know the Blackpool story very well, half my family are season ticket holders!

    The reality is that barely 1500 - 2000 fans turned up for games towards the end. The attendances given are only reflected by including season tickets. So actually they are completely wrong.

  • @M3G one can only hope the Oystons abandon ship at some point...but they seem so terminally unstable it's doubtful.

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    Is there any reason why Blackpool's plummet won't continue next season?
    Is there a risk they could fall into non league and into a state beyond repair?

  • @Malone I think there is a very real prospect that the "free fall" hasn't finished for the tangerines.

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