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Notts County and their never ending turmoil

From Admin to splashing out, County just seem to be on a bizarre financil merry go round.
What what John Stead's up to? never seems to score enough, but always looks impressive against us.


  • Quite honestly until they realise what they are and where they are they will continue with this problem.
    After many visits to Meadow Lane, a very decent ground with a good couple of local pubs, its clear the fans genuinely believe they are better than they are. Its tough considering their obvious location but they need a reality check to wake and then start moving forward.
    Signing some of the players they have on the money they no doubt earn might be what they think they are entitled to but they are not.
    Hope they sort it out.

  • Notts County certainly seem to have quite severe delusions of grandeur. They get lower gates than Cambridge United but think they are a Championship club.

    I read quite an entertaining thread on their forum earlier in the season entitled something like "Are our players too good for this level?". A number of posters tried to explain away their underperformance as a result of having incredibly technically gifted players lacking a little strength. Tragic stuff.

  • on the face of it, they have an incredible squad, Alan Smith, Roy Carroll, Izale McLeod, Jon Stead, and possibly others. But clearly they're clapped out journeymen doing one last tour.

    They must make our wage bill look like a meal out.
    Surely they could eat this division up with the right manager and not recruiting old hacks.

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