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  • Have to say I'm surprised but maybe the rumours about Siegrist signing are true and Lynch either doesn't want to be forever on the bench. Wish him all the very best of luck - hopefully he'll take some very special memories with him.

  • I'm surprised too. Thought he was decent backup, if not necessarily a regular number 1. I can't help but wonder if things would have turned out differently for him had he not been injured at Plymouth.

    Considering he's only ever been second choice, I guess he can be reasonably happy at the amount of football he has played, particularly the playoffs, a Wembley final and the Villa game. This will no doubt stand him in good stead to get first team football elsewhere. I could see him playing for another FL club eventually, but given his age and relative lack of experience, he may have to drop down to the Conference for now.

  • So we now need two new keepers. I thought we would sign another youngish keeper and let him and Lynch fight it out for number 1.

  • All the best Lynch. You'll get another crack at it, between them nets in the League.

    Thanks for the memories.

  • Thanks,Alex, you never let us down in all of the pressure games. Trust all goes well.

  • Good luck Alex. Enjoyed chatting with you in the Woodland on a few occasions. Pleasant, polite young man and never let the side down. Hope you're snapped up soon.

  • Such a shame, a fleeting chance at establishing himself as the No1 choice and then a nasty injury happens at the wrong time. Best of luck to him and I'm sure he will get a good club and develop his career, he is still a young man.

  • Good luck Alex, shame you won't be here next season, you always impressed when called upon.

  • @Chris can we close this one as well please?

  • I'm surprised by this. Hope he gets the chance he deserves.

  • Disappointed by this news. He was a great back-up keeper and clearly has potential.

    Now Gaz has to spend time recruiting a new first choice and a new back-up, when Lynch was perfect for that role. Unless we are still seriously considering deploying Baz on the bench again for another season...?

  • Does anyone know whether the new loan rules cover GKs as well, or can you still sign these on an Emergency Loan? If not, then surely there is no way at all we can persist with Richardson on the bench next season.

  • Sign a 1st Choice (looks like Siegrist) and have a loanee on the bench

  • May be pretty difficult to find a club willing to loan out a young prospect just to sit on our bench.

    Have to assume young Alex didn't fancy being second choice again or that his injury is more serious than admitted publically. Shame.

    Baz is fine on the bench but you wouldn't want to have to rely on him for a month or so if first choice got injured. I presume club has/will clarify the ruling here re emergency replacements.

  • Neither a loanee nor a capable young 'keeper like Alex wants to be on the bench so, assuming the 24 hour recall provision has been rescinded as part of the new loan player regulations, this is indeed a quandary.

  • It is a shame. On the little evidence of seeing Lynch playing he certainly had potential. Will be a strange career for him if he doesn't make it back into the league. Hardly any games but virtually all of them high profile in front of big crowds

  • Perhaps he will join the Wanderers Old Boys Alumni at Boreham Wood for a season or two.

  • Regrettable but the right decision.

    For all Ainsworthy's publically supportive words, he was a big downgrade on Ingram, and for him to stay, he needed a really good performance in that extended trial when Ingram was sold.
    Very bad luck getting injured then, but with better keepers in the pipe line, and being such a key position he was never getting first choice.
    Very interested to see what we're thinking second choice wise though. Unless we have a done deal for the 2 we ended the season with

  • It's a shame to see him go, he has great potential but then again there is always something behind closed doors which usually affect this sort of scenario.

    I wish him the best of luck for next year and many to come!

  • "Always something behind closed doors"? What do you mean?

  • Best of luck to Lynch. He's a very good goalkeeper and impressed me the times that I've seen him, Hope he does well in the future .

  • Good luck to him, surprised to see the only keeper on the books be let go. As has been said, it was a shame he got injured at Plymouth after Ingram's departure.

    However, he won't ever forget the play offs last season, fond and character building memories for him.

  • Reckon he'll be fine. Certainly hope so.

  • First question at prospective Club, so what have you achieved and can play under pressure. Yes and Yes.

  • How is the answer to "what have you achieved" a yes?

  • Ok.. I missed some text. Here it' is "played at Wembley and Yes, I can play under pressure". There we fixed.

  • He did ok, thrown in at the deep end.

    Certainly thought his positioning was off for the goal though. Why was he so far over one side of his goal like that?

  • @micra; "Always something behind closed doors" I wouldn't be surprised that behind closed doors the youngons can see that in order to push on to the next level they need regular games be it reserve football or coming on as a sub.

    Knowing who is more than likely to be selected (ahead of you) and Kicking the ball around in the pre match build up and at half time looses it's appeal over entire season, then back to training among 5/6 of them, to do same ritual till following game.

    Best thing for them to move on to the next level, as the have gained enough first team experience.

  • The next level being non-league in most cases, presumably.

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