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This Week's Opposition View cancelled.


Have a nice Summer,



  • Totally understandable. Nobody should have to endure trawling through that tonight

    Have a good summer

  • Fair enough. Probably wouldn't have been able to bring myself to read it anyway.

    Thanks for all the superb work this season. God bless Vital and all who sail in her.

  • haha, quite right. Glad to see the back of them (OUFC) to be honest. Can't fathom how anyone could have stomached a trip to the Stade de 3 sides under the circumstances.

    And add my name to the congratulations for the consistently fab work that the Vital team do.

  • Hear hear! Have a good summer all of you.

  • Thanks didn't need that onwards and upwards COYB

  • Great work Len and team. Let them enjoy their moment of success and subsequent financial meltdown.

  • Thanks again Len et al. And although I normally like reading the opposition view I think you've made exactly the right decision here! Have a well deserved summer break.

    Better get the Sam Saunders bio ready.

  • I suspect, one way or another, we will be seeing Oxford again fairly soon. Their financial situation really does seem alarming and I'm amazed so many of their fans seem completely unconcerned.

  • Thanks Vital.

  • Very sad x

  • The Vital team will be flattered that you registered specially to say that.

  • The amount of trolling of the WW feed on twitter from PNL fans (who definitely don't care about us) is extraordinary.

    Or are they always this undignified in victory?

    It paints quite a sad picture of football fans when some people's first reaction to a promotion is to spend their time mocking the opposition rather than actually celebrating and supporting their own team.

  • Beggars belief. Don't use Twitter but can't say I'm completely surprised. Sad times.

  • Ungracious insufferable PNLs, now there's a surprise. I guess they're still insisting that we're the only ones who want to call it a rivalry.

    PS - Cheers Len, Dale, Benny and co for another season of terrific reports

  • I expect we could have gone up easily with Oxford's budget this season, Appleton must be stupid if he thinks it can be sustained ...... I suspect they had to go up or it would have been big problems.

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