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SELL THE CLUB............ BOARD AND AINSWORTH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 HERE COMES THE ABUSE


  • Keep that talk to twitter. It's nice and peaceful on here. Plus majority like me on this forum are pro Ainsworth.

    I believe the Gaffer has learnt a lot this season and wholesome changes and style of play, will suffice.

  • Its a massive summer for us ainsworth needs to bring in the right creative players or I think we could really struggle next season.

  • So Ciderk1d you are happy how are season has turned out then even tho the season before when has finished 4th.
    I will always remember what you deluded fans always said last season look where we were now i will say look where we were last season.
    I am going to agree with timeforchange SELL THE CLUB............ BOARD AND AINSWORTH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shall we just stick to the one name @timeforachange999 @AINSWORTHOUT

  • And maybe try writing in English.

  • Chris why don't you shut up you are just to scared of change of change like many other fans are. can it get any better then what we are getting now.
    All you fans on here have been deluded by are so called manager gareth Ainsworth.
    4th to 13th
    btw me and timeforchange aint the same person and if you want to ban me go ahead and ban me

  • You are both the same person.

  • @AINSWORTHOUT; no I am not happy how this campaign turned out.

    I do believe that Ainsworth is learning his trade and will learn like we all do in our daily jobs. If you do read and contribute to this forum, you will see that I am not a blue tinted glass type whatsoever.

    I have whinged and moaned all season about the lack of creativity, attacking options and the continue reliance on Hayes and Thompson, but can I manage a League side hell know, nevertheless, I do think Ainsworth can and is a good manager and glad we got him.

    May the purge anarchy begin in the summer and hopefully Ainsworth learns from the these two end of seasons runs. I.e players can only run around in opposition'a faces for so long in a season and need to learn to keep ball, instead of hoofing it.

    Honestly, I ain't deluded.

  • I don't get how you can call someone a knob when @ainsworthout is talking sense most Wycombe fans are scared of change just admit it.

  • All joined today mmm

  • Seemed a trend that I ain't seen any of these peeps before.

  • Aaron Vere what a lad , Ainsworth out

  • It's a Facebook takeover from the moron brigade. Ainsworth has certainly endured a topsy-turvy managerial career at WWFC. Loathed one minute, loved the next...repeat as necessary. I think he's more than entitled to another crack next season but he's got to learn from his mistakes at the back end of this campaign. Sure, he'll need a bit of luck with his off-season recruitment but the main thing is he's got to admit when certain systems just do not work and that anti-football is not the answer.

  • Morris I had to get the word around for the fans that can't see the truth haha.

  • Banter king who are you?

  • edited May 2016


  • Okay your real name

  • Don't think paying off a manager with 3 1/2 years left on his deal would be the wisest move if you're trying to revamp a squad

  • Welcome aboard all you new members - an unprecedented influx of newcomers in such a short period of time. And very eloquent if I may say so. Well thought out suggestions and a degree of insight into the present malaise that would be better suited to the Moral Maize. Altogether very impressive. I am totally persuaded, thanks to your carefully reasoned arguments, that my faith in Gareth Ainsworth has been completely misplaced.
    I look forward to your views on a much wider range of topics. Well done.

  • @micra I can just imagine Michael Burke asking Zeinab Badawi, "okay, what's your real name luv?"

  • Answered with "do what, 'oo are yer?".

  • we need to concentrate more on youth of i forget that got shut down mercenaries it is then

  • edited May 2016

    Why does it have to be homegrown youth players or `mercenaries'? With the changes to academy player compensations (skewed massively towards the big clubs) running a youth set up that may or may not produce a new generation of stars wasn't financial viable. Instead we, like many other smaller clubs, will scour bigger clubs' youth set ups and hopefully pounce on those who are let go but could become stars lower down the league with a bit of polishing.

  • Mercenaries tend to follow the money whether it's non league or league football, we haven't any money so the disgruntled, last chance saloon, the unfortunates it is.

    Also we are likely to be last in the queue if other clubs pay better. So whoever we pursuade must know, we only have a first team and best ensure they play well enough to secure the shirt.

  • Did someone stick a gasroom poster up in a nursery school?

  • We're worried about Trevor.

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