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Worst Question to ask a lower league football fan

I overheard a very heated conversation years ago on the coach back from a game.

It was initiated by the Question “Who is your premier league team?”. The argument continued after it was made clear that he didn’t support any other team other than Wycombe.

Anyone else know of other questions that could cause a lower league football fan to erupt?


  • "It's time some investment is made"

  • Plenty of people have said "do you support a proper team as well?" to me over the years

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    When I tell people who I support, and they say, "Oh yeah, you mean Wigan?".

  • "Why are they nicknamed the Choirboys?"

  • @bill_stickers Yep, I've had that Wigan one quite a few times too!

  • Conversely question to ask a Premier League fan - 'have you ever been to game?'.

    I am pretty certain i have seen the top premiership teams far more than most of their fans have.

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    When I told my brother's father-in -law who I supported he announced to the dinner table 'Ah that means he's a neutral.' As it was his dinner table my tongue took some punishment that day.

    Of course some posters on this board would not erupt at all. They would calmly respond 'Watford.'

  • I have had years of the comments from Division 1 supporters, my favourites are the Man U fans that have never been to Old Trafford. I have managed possibly 82 of the clubs only when watching my team. I have not done Man U either, the rest are Derby,Notts Forest, Ipswich,Blackburn, Newcastle, Sunderland,West Ham, Everton & MK (I know we have played them) Some of the new grounds I am not counting, If I went to the old one eg Ninian Park. Have I missed one? Or cheated?

  • "You must dream of a sugar daddy spending millions" and "That Milton Keynes must be big rivals"

  • I have a void in the north east. Apart from that I have them covered. Which makes me laugh when most Premier League fans have never been near 'their' team's stadium.
    Most of the grounds I visited with Wycombe but used to just go and see random games when I had a void. Had a Vale supporting friend who dragged me to some odd ones. The joys of cash turnstiles

  • I work with a Derby supporter who claims that my views on football are not valid because I don't watch a good enough standard week-in, week-out. He's not joking either.

    Also, someone else commented on hearing me talking about a match while drinking tea from my WWFC mug, 'Oh you actually support them? I thought you had that for a joke.'

  • I keep getting a simple "Why?"

  • I only seem to get the sympathy vote from people in Wycombe, anyone else I meet credits me with supporting my local team. Maybe I just meet good people when I leave Wycombe............................................

  • Two points on this.

    After the second leg of the play offs last year I and a few others were chatting with some argyle fans in the Vere suite when they asked "it's good that you support Wycombe but who is your proper team?" Weirdly the chap was serious. They were then asked (politely of course) to leave the bar.

    However along with a post above the usual reaction when I say I'm a Wycombe fan and only a Wycombe fan is one of respect and admiration. I was in a bar in Maidenhead once and bumped into one of Readings top boys, he came over and someone told him I was a Wycombe fan, he asked who was my premier league club, I told him I didn't support any other club and he shook my hand and said "respect."

    My old man said be a C*lu fan, said **** off, ******** you're a ****

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