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Jerell Sellars

Interesting bit of background on Jerell Sellars that can be found by scouting around the internet a bit, apologies if this has appeared on here before.

It appears he's the son of former Lincoln City player Terry Fleming (Sellars joined Villa from Lincoln's youth team in 2012) who played with both Gareth Ainsworth and Barry Richardson during their time at Lincoln.

Fleming also played with Gareth at Preston North End.


  • That is excellent detective work

  • I thought Jerell had something about him as a player. Great turn and a decent work rate for a ball player.

  • One thing I couldn't get over was how small his shinpads must be. His socks were super low, and you could see most of his shins.

    Only one I've ever seen similar was Steve Claridge, who didn't actually wear one one one leg with his metal plate in there.

    I do wonder if it's a risky strategy wearing these "micro" pads, no doubt means he can run quicker, but it'll only take one overly meaty challenge to really damage him.

  • I thought Jerell Sellers was going to be a refreshing addition. Unfortunately I don't think he actually delivered. As I said in a much earlier post coming from non contact youth football it was always a tall order to come to division 4 and make a real impact. I hope he will be give a chance at Villa next year if not I think a full season at WW might be the best way to see if he can step up to the rigour of league football.

  • SellArs was a bright spark on Saurday, he had some nice moves and looked capable of lighting up the park. He and Max's steal and run were the highlights of the second half.

  • I think there is going to be a large cull of personnel at Villa on and off the field and players such as Siegrest and SellArs may find themselves struggling to stay within the club. Season long loans or even permanent deals for both would not a bad thing as I think SellArs with the right support could be a real handful in division 4.

  • Absolutely agree. Those two should be top of the list and if either could be signed on a permanent deal I for one would be over the moon and back again.

  • I agree that Sellars can run around in control of a football, but did that result in any useful end product? I don't recall his skill on the ball leading to very many actual chances. A few chances, yes, but not to the extent that seeing him with the ball would cause me to get excited at the prospect of what was to come: I just expected him to run around with it for a bit.

    Wycombe only won one of the games that he featured in; and in that one had already scored the only goal before he came on.

    If it was to transpire that he will be at Wycombe next season, I would be prepared to allow him more time to develop, but I wouldn't think of it as a signing that would change our fortunes for the better.

  • His first game he ran at players, showed some nice aggression, hit a useful shot.

    In fact that was pretty much the end of our season in terms of attacking play. Maybe the last shot on target for 2015/16 season.

    After that he was playing left or right of a 3 with 2 players who were inept when it came to goal threat. I think in a 2 with more creation from behind he would be a real handful.

  • Yeah, 442 trad or diamond for me every Saturday. Be interesting to see how Gaz tries to rectify the goal drought though, nothing he's tried so far has been effective so where do we go from here? We may well see the making of the manager in this pre and coming season. Roll on, roll up!

  • I've never seen him smile!!

  • @WelwynWanderer said:
    I've never seen him smile!!

    Does that mean he has a bad attitude?

  • NO Maybe he has a mind of his own.

  • Mabey he's working !

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