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Saturdays lap of honour

Did anyone else feel the delay in setting up Saturday's lap of honour meant that fewer fans than should have stayed behind to applaud the players.

I'm really not sure why the delay occured but I felt a bit sorry for the players walking around a sparsly populated ground.
I thought they deserved better if I'm honest


  • My view from the Family Stand is that the delay made little difference to the number who stayed. After the intial exit of those who were always going to leave straightaway, I didn't notice many who, initially having waited, then drifted away before the players came out.

    I stayed, since I wanted to show my appreciation for the hard work and effort the team members have put in this season: they may not have won anything or reached the play-offs, but I don't think any of those making the lap of the pitch could be accused of not trying their best.

  • Don't really know why they couldn't have done it straight away. And I noticed quite a few people stay for a bit and then go home before the players came back out

    Having all the stewards line the perimeter of the pitch was a touch OTT as well

  • Thought the same thing - given we weren't exactly celebrating promotion, a quick once around the pitch as soon after the whistle as possible would have been better. We stayed but it all felt a bit muted after waiting. Great to See Matt Ingram there and part of the action though.

  • I can't understand why they went down back to the dressing room. Should ha e just done a quick lap at the final whistle.

  • Yes. Several people lost patience and I had to go in the end due to time constraints.

    Most of the players not involved in the match were by the tunnel when the final whistle went. They should have done the lap straight away.

  • I think a number of the players wanted to bring their kids out with them and I suspect that took a while to organise. Plus they had just been running around for 90+ minutes so a quick breather for refreshment was probably taken.
    Disappoiinted that more fans didn't have the patience to wait seeing as how they wouldn't get away swiftly from the car park.

  • @AlanCecil - a recommendation for next year - why not put a tannoy announcement out saying what time the team will re-appear. This will let all fans make a decision as to whether they have the time to stay.

  • Don't worry Alan, a lot of us showed our patience waiting to get into the ground.

    Never seen such a queue for the Woodlands!

    Only one turnstile kid on, but an important looking guy and another steward looking uncomfortable, for about 10mins.

    Then decided the best course of action wasn't opening another turnstile, but was wandering down the queue, allowing anyone with a paper ticket to creep through the gate.
    Privilege access for those who clearly weren't season ticket holders or fans who'd actually been a few times. Strange logic.

  • Sorry we fans couldn't fit around the team's every whim Alan

    Worth remembering, as Danny Baker says, we're the only people present who have paid to be there

  • I'd been bored stiff for quite some time at the final whistle. The thought of hanging about for a further 15 minutes didn't appeal.

    Really not sure why people should hang about while the players get their kids organised. Why are their kids are part of the parade anyway? I'm guessing Twitter / Instagram selfie fodder.

  • Have to agree really. After a turgid game, in quite an uninspiring last month of the season, any lap of honour had to be done quick smart I think.

    Nip inside for a couple of mins, have a quick drink, get a change of clothing, and then come straight back out.

    Otherwise you get what you saw Saturday, a sprinkling of only the real diehards, the types who are at their wits end for those few weeks without a fixture in the summer.


  • Always a rush to get a seat in bar. Would have been nice to see the manager saying a few words to fans in bar for once. But noticeable by his absence. Very disappointing! Used to enjoy the good old days when every player was in the bar at the end of season.

  • People are not obliged to stay. I did as did quite a few others more than enough to make it worthwhile and it was a nice to see some of the players bringing their kids on obviously it wasn't a victory parade but it was okay a bit like our season.

  • I just felt deflated after recent performances especially the lack of goals. So I was off at the final whistle unlike last season when I wanted to congratulate the players on a fantastic season, and the season before where I wanted to observe the hammering that the players deserved

  • @arnos_grove said:
    I'd been bored stiff for quite some time at the final whistle.

    About 5 months?

  • Now that I think about it, if this was a lap of "honour", it would have made sense to have the players all up in the stands applauding as the fans paraded around the pitch.

  • @drcongo said:
    About 5 months?

    Possibly. Even the partridges are giving AP a wide berth these days.

  • Probably all in a game pie by now!

  • edited May 2016

    Unfortunately (though some people on here probably would disagree) I was unable to attend the Accrington game, though the sense of frustration and despondency about the levels of entertainment has been building for some time and sadly I'm not surprised that the end of season lap of honour was a sparsely attended.

    I was initially worried that the discontent about the style and watchability of the football was going to affect casual attendees staying away until things pick up on the excitement front, though I worry that it could end up having an effect on season ticket sales as well.

    Football is a contradictory business with conflicting demands, and I think the balance between entertainment and getting results at all costs is out of kilter at the moment. When people start comparing the side to Alan Sm*th's side in 1996, alarm bells must start ringing in the WWFC hierarchy.

  • @ReadingMarginalista relax and enjoy the Euros son

  • Some well known scribe wont, as his beloved Dutch team havent qualified !! I reckon Gaz must have studied the Euro's hard in the year that Greece won it !!

  • Too subtle for me Chas. Cryptic even.

  • @peterparrotface Isn't that what Graham Taylor said before Euro 92?

  • Gareth did come into the Vere Suite before Saturday's game to thank the fans for their support.
    Press demands on him are higher after the game, but there was a Q&A with Blooms and JJ - thanks to John Taylor of WWEPA for taking over these.

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