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The Opposition View - Stanley

What John Coleman and a few Stanley fans had to say...


  • Generally fair comments but I thought two or three yellow cards, rather than penalties, would have been appropriate. (Actually thought the one early on was a fair shout.). Nice comment from Smudgie.

  • They improved once they stopped the comedy tumbling in, near, approaching the box.

  • The first challenge they complained about was a nailed on penalty wasn't it? After that though they were a little bit unsteady on their feet. Would hate to meet any of their strikers in a shopping centre

  • I didn't think any of them were penalties myself

  • Their top scorers have scored 9 penalties between them this season...

    Kee.......................17 (inc 2 pens)

    Windass.................16 (inc 7 pens)

    Seems a high number, and that's before you consider however many they might have missed.

    Looks like a tactic that's worked well for them.

  • What tactic are you inferring @Vital ?
    The one where tricky strikers get given the ball to feet in the penalty area (Cheating surely based on watching our front line) and get fouled or are you suggesting they are a bunch of cheating divers?

    Didn't we have a similar number of penalties last season?

  • I know you love to argue with everyone middle, but you seem to be arguing with yourself between 2 posts. First time saying they were "unsteady on their feet", which is a subtle way of saying "diving cheats", and then saying they merely get the ball to feet and get fouled.

    Which is it, do you think they were cheaty cheaters, or not?

  • I can't say for sure about the 1st one, as I am in the Beechdean, but from my view point, he did go down way after the tackle. It may be he was tripped, tried to stay up, realised he was on a road to nowhere and decided to fall? But no doubt in my mind he fell far too late to justify any claim. As for the other 3, they were plain dives and should have been rewarded with yellow cards.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle

    The one where tricky strikers shoot if there's an opportunity to score and dive if the odds don't look so good.

    Doesn't apply to us clearly.

  • @Malone I was asking a question rather than arguing. I was intrigued why Vital would make quite a loaded post.

    If you want my opinion I think all pro footballers cheat. Accrington did it on Saturday. Wycombe do it all the time and League Two entertainment levels are being dragged down by weak refereeing and cheating players playing percentage football.

    I think Accrington were robbed an early penalty but based on the cheating by both sides during the game they couldn't really complain.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle There was nothing loaded about it.

    It was quite obvious that they were constantly looking for penalties.

    The post simply demonstrated that they often get them.

  • To be fair, the way AP and AS were wrestling with the forwards, I thought we were lucky not to concede at least one pen. Except for the goal I thought it was a decent performance and the goalie was excellent.

  • I don't mind some penalty box drama, in the opposition's penalty area, if it causes me to jump from my seat and debate refs decision for a few days. Defenders should be on top of their game to thwart divers, sad but it's part and parcel of modern football.

    Still don't understand how the mayhem of corners goes unpunished theses days too, you actually witness players having their shirts pulled off and none of officials see a thing.

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