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Poor Us Again - but does it help?

Read GA's comments here about what a sh1t state we are in

I think we have heard it now and am not sure who it benefits keeping banging the same drum. Does it make people want to get off the arses and come and see the sick old dog of a football club that could still go either way (so I assume go bust and disappear). Any potential new fan might think whats the point. They might also think play-offs + Wembley + Villa (x2) + sale of major player = still f==ked is a really bad thing.

I don't advocate a head in the sand 'everything is awesome' approach but maybe its time to tone this down. Why do kids flock to Chelsea, ManYoo, Leicester (ahem) etc? Because they are winners and young kids like winners not sick puppies.


  • I don't read or listen to his interviews any more as it's like Groundhog Day boring as fook!

  • I agree. I'm not sure what the purpose of this PR approach is anymore.

    It is off-putting for fans seeking excitement and glamour. At least promise it even if you can't always deliver it.

    It encourages other clubs to submit derisory offers for players such as Pierre because they know we are gagging for the cash.

    It must put a downer on morale within the club and off-field staff, who spend their whole time worrying about the future.

    Is it just an attempt to raise more money for the share scheme?

  • So what is he supposed to do? Start making up fairy stories to keep you amused?

  • Is it wise that GA is so concerned with financial matters? previous interviews have revealed that he pours over the spreadsheets and knows how much is being spent in the tea bars etc and counts every penny. I would rather that AH and the financial guy worry about these kind of things and let GA worry about delivering a product that people actually might want to come and watch.
    OK sometimes GA might go to AH and say I'd like to bring player A into the club, AH might say sorry Gaz we can't afford him and Gaz will have to do his best with what he's got or look for a cheaper option, but I don't think it's fair on Gareth to be so concerned about the finances, his job is the football.

  • The problem with that article is...there is no indication what questions have been asked...this looks like he is proffering the information...perhaps a reporter asked him for his views on the finances perhaps?

  • Just realised I haven't listened to Phil's interview so I've no doubt you'll ignore you all should.

  • @Cyclops No... he could just not talk about our finances all the time?

  • Just listened. To be fair, @bluntphil asked him about it and he answered. Not sure what he could have said to please the Gasroom.

  • @bill_stickers No: if you listen to the interview he was asked a question about the finances and he answered truthfully. What else was he supposed to do?

  • The quote was taken from a seven minute interview I did with GA at the press session yesterday. I submit this to BBC3CR and also to BBC Online and they can use it as they see fit, all done with the intention of helping the club get more coverage.

    One question referred to the finances... BBC Online have to pick out the stuff that will attract a wide audience on the League Two page and I think do a decent job on the whole.

    Here is the full audio if you want to hear it in context...

    Maybe I'll just ask Gareth about his favourite Doors record tomorrow.

  • @bluntphil Good interview and thanks. Yes, I agree: safer option next time would be to keep Gaz talking about The Doors for seven minutes and tell him he looks like Jim Morrison (I mean how he used to look).

  • Always comes across as a genuine guy trying to do his best for the club and his players

  • @bluntphil So the behind all the financial confusion, boardroom secrecy and backroom politics at the club, we finally find out the disgraceful truth. Gareth is a Doors fan!
    I want him out now!

  • People are strange, when you're a chairboy

  • The major Creditor is Steve Hayes, if instead of relating this to Current Creditors it would be far more realistic to think of it as a long term Lease, which has about 8 years to run. Yes, you have to find the annual rent but there is a positive ending. The stadium will truly be a major asset by then. Perhaps someone knows how many League 1 & 2 Clubs Lease their grounds. Any Club which does have a lease for their Ground will certainly have a long need to fund this, but it is unlikely that this is an major issue affecting the annual budgeting of the playing Staff. If we are making a sustainable improvement to annual finances this should encourage the manager to look forward to better things. I was sadden to hear Gareth say the Club could go "Either Way". He must be positive, let the Trust sought out the financial matters. As Fans of a Supporters Trust Football Club we can and should pull our weight. The Trust has stated that we need £2 million to provide a long term stability for the club. it is sad to see that only about 10% of the fans have joined in the Share Scheme. if an additional 2,000 fans contributed a £5 per match for the next 4 years we could reach that target, and who knows where the Club could go from there. £5 is less than two pints of Ale. In the meanwhile I am looking forward to seeing the team give our 2 potential automatic promotees a game they will remember

  • Obviously i had not had the pleasure of listening to the interview prior to picking up on the BBC piece. However much as i like the fight-the-good-fight spirit that GA gives out in the context of the finances i do think that a less graphic view of our finances might make us more attractive to the floaters that we so desperately need.
    Regardless of context the words that appear on the BBC website makes me feel down let alone others.
    Two years ago a lot of us were thinking should be buy ST if there won't be a club to start the season. Maybe a bit more rosy would help people think more positively about buying their tickets for 2016/7.

  • I would like the manager to talk up the club and team instead of making comments to the Medea of the mess allegedly the club is in, it must be loosing fans (gate money) and perhaps spend more time managing the players instead of being in somebody's counting house checking on tea sales.

  • Well, show me the way
    To the next division one loan signing
    Oh, don't ask why
    Oh, don't ask why

    Show me the way
    To the next division one loan signing
    Oh, don't ask why
    Oh, don't ask why

    For if we don't find
    The next division one loan signing
    I tell you we must die
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  • The Doors were a little overrated

  • @bluntphil said:

    "......Here is the full audio if you want to hear it in context... ......"

    Before instantly concluding that GA is all negativity, I'd recommend listening to the whole interview. @bluntphil has the best interests of the club at heart in submitting his interviews for wider circulation and, hopefully, this will on most occasions be beneficial but I presume he has no control over the bits the BBC decide to publish. On this occasion their choice has arguably done us no favours depending on what proportion of readers are deterred from supporting financially and/or coming along to matches and what proportion are motivated to try and help.

  • It should be a positive - it should be a rallying call. Come and help us, we are skint but we'll take on all comers.

    We might be poor but we are proud, get behind us and there's nothing that can stop us, not even having a nine man squad being paid mainly in book tokens.

  • Oh for goodness sake, people, you understand that journalism is a profession right? If an interviewee says there's a chance a club might fold that's something called a news story and both Phil and the BBC would be unprofessional if they didn't publish it. I haven't listened to the rest of the interview as I assume it's not newsworthy. If you want bland propaganda about the club head over to Player or the official website.

    I'm afraid I also subscribe to @ChasHarps theory on the Accrington preview thread: Gareth gives these sort of answers because it boosts his reputation in eyes of future employers. One of his strongest qualities is his eloquence as a spokesman for the club. If he doesn't want information out there - such as when we might expect to see Luke O'Nien back - he doesn't provide it. He knew what he was doing when he answered about the club's finances - and it certainly boosts his standing in the eyes of the game to be providing stability in a situation so precarious.

  • And isn't he entitled to, seeing as it's the truth?

  • @chris if you accept the premise that he's putting his own interests ahead of those of the club (and I accept that premise is not necessarily correct) - then in my opinion he's certainly entitled to but may be better advised not to.

    I know you're not naive enough to think that managers should tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a media interview. Gareth, giving a quote he knew to be newsworthy instead of avoiding the question (as he's more than capable of doing), turned the interview from a match preview into a story about the very future of the club. He might argue that was a plea to get more bums on seats, others might say the impression he gives of a struggling club will keep the uncommitted away.

    In my view Gareth speaks to the media on behalf of the club rather than himself. So if what he says builds his own brand but keeps floating supporters away from the club then, as I say, yes he's entitled to do it but it's not helpful that he has.

  • Pretty sure if you ask him his favourite Doors song it'll be World on Fire followed by The End.

  • I think Gareth is telling how it is. We have no money until the club can finish paying Steve Hayes off. Until then we have to live within our means for the foreseeable future. Perhaps the club needs to build the fan base to bring in more income.

  • where are the people who turned up at villa glory hunters only

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