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Parry v Smith 20 years ago

No snide or negative comments here from Alan 'Positive' Parry.


  • Dreadful bloke

  • Nice to see some opinions though, prefer this sort of bust up to the current blandness.

  • @eric_plant said:
    Dreadful bloke

    Which bloke?

  • The punch up at the end was one to remember. Almost a Benny Hill like chase with Willie Lopez look-alike Diekstra chasing Reeves for a punch up. As I recall the stadium was being expanded at the time, the Woodlands being built?

  • I think anything from Parry against Smith was 100% spot on.

    You only have to read Smith's first line on that link for ruck's sake.

    "I was told by someone who had worked closely with the team when I arrived 8months ago that the side would need a radical overhaul if it was to avoid relegation"

    He had picked up a team that has just finished 6th.

    He was an absolute charlatan, an absolute disaster, and a thoroughly loathsome individual.

    My main memory of him is appearing what can only be described as "half cut and dishevelled" on an end of season video, reeling off a pathetic list of excuses for a woeful season.

    "I honestly thought I was doing pretty well" after the latest 1-1 home draw v a sh!T team.

    Saved us from the "certain relegation" though....

  • Alan Smith was one of the least impressive people I have ever met. I had to wipe my hand after shaking hands with him.

  • That b*stard ruined O'Neill's legacy, what we'd give for a season like that now though

  • Not to mention driving Paul Hyde away from the club. Awful man.

  • And the man that appointed both Smith and Tony Adams and also supported Steve Hayes is still at the club. How bad do things have to get before we finally make a fresh start and see the back of Beeks?

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