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Just looked on poxford forum,it's a sell out for home fans.11,500.We have only sold 300 odd.Id love it personally if we beat them and it stops three going up automatically!


  • One team invested in the Team the other had not ...the end result was probably goes up the other mid table . Nevermind there's always next season! #probablysameagain

  • Potentially my favourite-ever post by an opposition forum (on a thread about building a temp 4th stand) from "harrycarry":

    "How about a row of open top double decker buses behind the fence at premium rates? Will also reduce lost balls caused when WW keep hoofing it over the car park."

    The irony.

  • @Wwfc2015_ One club trying to spend within their means and reduce debt in the interests of long-term security; the other club reporting a multi-million pounds per year loss and saying not to worry about it.

    You are right that "there's always next season", but without the financial care now being taken by Wycombe, it may well have come to pass that there was not a next season.

  • Hear hear @Uncle_T

  • It will be pretty sickening seeing a capacity Oxford crowd invade the pitch and celebrate promotion giving it the big one. Hopefully we smash them.

  • Can you 'smash' a team by scoring only 1 goal ???

  • A last minute scrambled winner will smash their dreams into dust and rubble.

  • Surely a hotly disputed penalty in the 94th minute consigning them to the playoffs would be the sweetest thing?

  • Danny Hylton blasting an injury time penalty into the car park to miss out on promotion?

    Although if that means Bristol Rovers get it instead then I really don't know.

  • edited April 2016

    I would like Pompey and the Wombles to go up...just to annoy the other three.

  • Yep even though some Dons fans are twa*s

  • And the play-offs to both be nasty no holds barred affairs leaving a bad taste so they can all hate each other next year...

  • But I'm not bitter.

  • @Uncle_T = voice of reason

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