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Hillsborough inquest - wheels of justice finally grinding into motion?

edited April 2016 in Football

Obviously not specifically WWFC related (which is why I assume this hasn't been mentioned yet during the day on here), but the judgement that the 96 Liverpool supporters who died at Hillsborough were killed unlawfully is a massive one for football supporters around the world. For years the families of the dead, the survivors and other football supporters who campaigned alongside them did their best to expose the cover up but came up against the closed ranks of the establishment time and time again, year after year.
Their struggle has taken on a much wider and important significance beyond football and must give hope and inspiration to many others who have to battle against all odds against the establishment to get justice served.

RIP and justice for the 96


  • Hear hear.

  • Agreed. And just look at tomorrow's Murdoch press. Times and Sun both with no front page coverage.

    What a despicable organisation NewsCorp is.

  • Unless the establishment is broken up, injustices like this will continue. It's a side of Britain I despise.

  • What does the establishment being broken up mean in practical terms?

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