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Top work agent 'KK'

I know the foundations were well in place, but thanks to
local legend for overseeing the final chapter in Col Utds
relegation, and now returning to home base.


  • At least that should put an end to the clowns who think he should be a future manager of our club,what has he done to warrant him becoming a future WWFC manager?

  • @robin Nonsense. Very highly respected coach. Working with a crap team. Looked like he would turn it round but ultimately ran out of time. What had Ainsworth done to justify being given the job at Wycombe?

  • If he was that good he wouldn't be manager of Colchester.

  • FFS @robin give the guy a break will you. I doubt very much you know the ins & outs of all the circumstances on KK and his departure from Col U. I don't know the guy personally, but he is very well respected within youth coaching and likes to play the style of football so many on here have been screaming out for, for the whole of this season. Kevin Keen may very well yet to turn out to be a good manager, given the time to turn things around, just like Ainsworth was? Too many clubs demand instant success and it just can't always be I'm afraid.

  • Was this as good a hatchet as 'Agent Orange' at the plucky non-leaguers though?

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