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Supporters get letters about swearing at games



  • I agree with FrijidPink. Our club has a good name and I was shocked at the behaviour of these so called 'fans' at Portsmouth. Good luck to the club and TV police in their efforts to stamp this out. It can only get worse if there is no intervention.

  • While I get to fewer away games now than I used to, one of the great pleasures over the years was being able to pretty much any town or city around the country (with maybe the exception of Colchester) wearing a Wycombe shirt and know you were highly unlikely to get any grief. I'd hope the actions of a very small group wouldn't affect that. Bad enough the team is getting a bit of a reputation, never mind the fans.

  • What exactly were our lot doing at Portsmouth by the way? Did anyone on here witness it?
    Maybe it's Portsmouth that brings something out of these people, the chance to abuse a fallen "giant"?

    I remember one kid who sits right near the front last year. We were hanging on for a win, and the ball came into his possession. He held it for ages, then "hilariously" threw it backwards into the stand.
    Really provoked the home side and crowd, and they scored fairly soon after.

    Great work mate.

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