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Just pondering over our best performance this season.... in terms of commitment, actually playing on floor and restricting them to hoofball I'm going for the 1-0 win over Bristol rovers great display and ap was electric


  • From bbc:

    But O'Nien gave Wycombe a valuable win when he latched on to Jacobson's free-kick to head past Mildenhall.

    The result means the Chairboys leapfrogged Bristol Rovers and move up to sixth in League Two, whilst Rovers slip to 10th.

    Unbelievable that we were 4 places ahead of rovers as recently at the end of Feb. Our final 10-15 games really have been pants.

  • I think we played really well when we beat Oxford at home just before Christmas.

    And that first half at Villa Park

  • Same for me - Oxford at home (they can moan all they like, we outplayed them), particularly second half, and the first hour of Villa away, which was probably the best football we've played all season.

  • That Bristol Rovers games was basically a little bit better than the awful football we'd been getting used to. My guest that day commented on what an awful game it was, I quite enjoyed it, then realised that I would also probably enjoy being punched in the face if it took over from months of being punched in the balls.

    Anyway, the first hour at Villa park.

  • Another vote for the Oxford United game from me; followed by the away win at Luton in second place.

  • We played some good football at Millwall and I might just go for that game.

  • Agree with the Oxford United game and will also throw in the Plymouth away game , the locals still moan about it personally I thought we showed great character that Saturday afternoon.

  • Millwall for me too

  • Millwall away.

  • I forgot about the first half at home against Portsmouth that deserves a mention

  • I'm not sure Millwill were really up for it but I agree it was a good performance by Wycombe, as was the first half at Villa. I think I'd go for Oxford as being at our best tho, just a pity it was such a rarity.

  • I've not made too many games, of the ones I did make, I'd plump for Oxford. That was a good 90 minute performance. Stevenage at home was decent and we were very good in the 1st half at Villa. Other than that, probably only Plymouth at home sticks out. We played really well that day for an hour and were very unfortunate to lose.

  • Cambridge away

  • Millwall!

  • The first half at Millwall was the best for me by quite a distance.

  • @LX1 Ha! In the top 5 of worst matches I have EVER seen, let alone this season

  • Notts County away must be pretty close to your top 5 too?

  • Bristol, especially after our drubbing in the Cup match. Was expecting to get battered again.

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