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Arriva Bus service

Could anyone advise me on the bus service to the ground from the town centre to the ground on Saturday. Which stand does the service pick up from at the railway station. Also on the return it says it picks up from the bottom of Hillbottom road, which end is this.


  • The bus service is easily identifable, as it has the Wycombe goal prediction on the front, Wycombe Wanderers 1 ! I don't pick the bus up myself from the station but on the way back it drops off right outside the main station building. For recent matches the bus will leave from just outside the gates to the ground, which normally means a half hour wait or more whilst the traffic dies down (might not be the case on Sat though against Accrington). The bus also picks up/drops off from the Eden Bust station and the Handy Cross Coachway (free parking !)

  • I think the stand at the train station is the one furthest on the left as you come out of the station. It picks up just outside the AP gates.

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    I think it's essential to have this bus service, I think the club do a great job ensuring it continues. Hard not to think back to the "heyday" when we had loads of individual services, that'd pick you up from far and wide, all for pretty reasonably comparative prices too.

    However, I must say, with the bus usually leaving the ground from just outside (rather than the bottom of the road), and the way the park n ride is now the last stop, rather than the first stop, the benefit for me has completely gone.

    You're looking at sitting there for 20-30mins outside the ground with no priority leaving, before slowly dribbling down the road, and then another 20-30mins going to the stations and back up the hill...

    For one game, Portsmouth? a marshall actually told us the bus would be cutting out the park n ride stop, and would come back "later". Apparently it did, about 55mins on!!

    Hopefully it suits most people better and continues though

  • I find that if I walk to the bus station,according to the size of the crowd,I can arrive either before the bus or not long afterwards.

  • Meant to say after the match.

  • I had a chuckle when that young lad who does the ground hopping videos did our game the other week, and said he didn't even know how long he'd been on the bus! He must have been worried as it got him in with about 15mins til kick off!

  • Cheers for that, would aiming for a train about 6pm be do able or would I be better walking down to sands for the normal service bus into town be better.

  • You should make the 6 o'clock train. No idea if going to Sands would be quicker, but on the odd times I've got the the bus it hasn't got out of Hillbottom Road before 5:30 if that helps.

  • You'd be safe I think Ipswich, as per JK above.

    But there's something very unsatisfying about just sitting stuck on a bus that won't move for 30mins.
    I'd be tempted to say have a little walk for the 32, and at least you feel like you're achieving something. And if it really needed be, you could walk there well before 6.

    I used to walk 4miles back from the ground each week, back by 6 job. And this can only be 3miles max

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