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Are we really that bad?


  • Well we probably don't help ourselves, but then you only have to look at some of the gash written on these Facebook 'banter' groups to see that the people using them tend to be rather lacking in intellect, so I wouldn't take their criticism to heart.

    Problem is, as we've seen in, for example, the home games against Exeter and Wimbledon, now opposition fans turn up determined to see us in a certain light and just accuse us of cheating whether we do it or not.

    Fingers crossed that next season will see us start to drift away from some of the gamesmanship antics that we've witnessed this season, in which case I'm sure all this will soon be forgotten by all but the most bitter League 2 knuckle-draggers.

  • No one likes us
    No one likes us
    We don't give a
    Flying ****

    We are Wycombe
    Dirty Wycombe
    We are Wycombe
    From South Bucks

  • Interesting that our U21 & Reserve Teams get in the poll. Perhaps GA would like to know about this increase in our squad??????

  • Well, the quarterwit who created the poll is a Drizzle Rovers fan, so what do you expect -

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