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  • Danby Rowe should be a central component of next season's side

    He should have been this season. Not really sure what happened there to be honest, but to have relied so heavily on Bloomfield whilst Rowe was sent out on loan to Halifax seemed odd at the time, and looks no better in hindsight

  • I'm also at a complete loss why Danny Rowe has barely featured. Last summer Ainsworth suggested he would play a crucial role in our midfield - but it wasn't until the 44th match of the season he actually started him in it.

    Just imagine if we'd stuck with a 442 formation all season (again, we played better in the second half today when we moved to it) and we'd played a first choice team of:

    Jombati/McCarthy Stewart Pierre Jacobson
    Harriman Rowe O'Nien Wood/Banton
    Hayes/Thompson Holloway

    I bet we'd have been in the promotion mix still.

    Anyway the return of Rowe, the emergence of McGinn and the new contract for O'Nien does call into question the need to keep Bean. I like him a lot but we've got three other midfielders who can break up play and all distribute the ball better (and score more goals). Plus Kretzch to add a creative dimension. But perhaps that discussion is for another thread.

  • Whilst I'm loathed to be overly sycophantic, I'd imagine Ainsworth sees much more of how a player is really performing every day in training, rather than the one game he plays well in.

  • You're absolutely right, and it's his team and his alone that have to take the field, and his job and his alone that's on the line depending on how that team performs

    It has seemed odd to me all season though. He's clearly one of our better players

  • It is a very odd one. Maybe a fitness thing? Ainsworth clearly rates him as he's brought him here 4 or 5 times now.

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