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Match day thread: Portsmouth

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  • Today's game will be live on BBC Three Counties DAB and on Chairboys Player...

    Not sure who I'll be joined by today. Will update when I find out


  • What has McGinn done wrong to be dropped? May not be the typical centre mid for Ainsworths style of play, but in the last few games when we have got the ball down and played (albeit for a couple of minutes each game) he has been at the centre of it.

  • Maybe Ainsworth has given up on promotion even though he says he hasn't so wanted to give Rowe a run out before the season ends.

  • McGinn has been average at best and would not be suited to closing down Pompeys midfield.

  • Actually, this looks like a very exciting team to me, certainly the strongest and most balanced we've seen since O'Nien's injury. Very interested to see what Rowe can do with the ball in midfield - though the inclusion of Ugwu does suggest we might still be aiming for hoofball. Good thing is if that doesn't work there's lots of potential for plan B and C out there today. I think we might just win this one!

  • Andy Wilkins alongside me in the commentary box. Big away following too...

  • 0-2 down, time to rebuild for next season pronto and taking last season and this into account we need to improve our playing style big time.

  • So bored with GA post match interviews,they are all the same. Zzzzzzz

  • What do you expect him to say then? On the whole, I think GA gives a reasonably honest account of events.

  • Loanees McCarthy and Allsop weren't bad this season either!

  • I know that we have been on a poor run of form in 2016, but the overall position isn't bad. Most of us, with a realistic view would have taken this at the beginning of the season. If the form had spread itself more evenly the general feeling of disappointment wouldn't be so intense. The main difference between us and most of the sides above is creating and converting chances. At least three of the sides have goal scorers in the twenties. Writing the shopping list for the summer and achieving it, of course are two entirely different things. If we are to attract a goal scorer, a creative midfield is a must and perhaps the promise of a more expansive playing style? Going to be an interesting summer, which I doubt will bring players in very early in the term. I suspect we will see a clutch of signings late July and we will be the carrions feeding off the scraps again and hoping that the coaching staff can get the maximum out of what we have again.

  • Totally agree EwanHoosaami putting aside yesterdays performance Gaz has done a magnificent job and with the lads he has we are punching well above our weight. On reflection the players looked tired yesterday and have been on a poor run of late but overall we have a great deal to be pleased with and thankful for.

  • no where not we always used to be at least top eight in league two that should not change or you trying to say this club since hayes has gone has shrunk in fanbase

  • Beg yer pardon Trev ?

  • No one wants to be picking at a misplaced comma, but I literally have no idea what @trevor is on about.

  • I think what @trevor was trying to say is that we have always nearly finished in the top half of this division and that since SH left, we as a club have dwindled in statue.

  • What the hell are these few comments are about? You've totally lost me.

  • @trevor Sorry, have I missed the end of the season? Surely there is two games left and we could still take 8th position, which would appear to be your target. Moaning for moanings' sake again Trevor.

  • Pretty unlikely though! It's been a good season, if a bad ending. The while small squad thing was going to come unstuck at some point, but I think we just have to live with it.We don't have the money to bring in the likes of Mooney or Tyson any more. Every season is going to be a scrap.

  • Agreed Chris - the days of borrowing money that we cannot afford to pay back are long gone

  • Thank goodness @TheNixonTapes even if it does limit the prospects of promotion in the short term. But a more attractive style of play and a couple of goals (Wycombe goals!) per game are surely prerequisites for increasing gates and encouraging more fans to join the all-important Share Scheme.
    Let's hope above all that GA is able to attract a youngish proven goal scorer. The money that would probably cost might prove to be a very sound investment. Add to that a fit PCH, a goalscoring midfielder in Superluke and and a resurgent Danny Rowe (at 20!) and the prospects for next season start to look pretty good.

  • Agree with that @micra , we certainly need a genuine threat up front, but the rest of it looks rosy enough pending luck with injuries.

  • We also need a quality keeper though Micra to challenge/replace Lynch.

  • I think McCarthy is a more solid DEFENDER than Mawson although I think the latter will end up as a quality midfielder.

  • Outplayed yesterday first half big time, surprisingly only 1 down at half time. Sido was caught a couple of times and was roasted inside. JJ very rarely gets done like that. In sido defense I think he has struggled a bit after coming back into the side confidence wise and hopefully the free kick will give him that.

    Also he got caught isolated a few times as pompey were targeting that area and pretty much walking through first half. Unfortunately jerrall sellers for me is too lightweight for the hassle and bustle of league 2.

    99 times out of 100 he won't win a first ball challenge, even less so if it's hoofball. If he is to start you need to play to feet on the deck. He would be more useful at pompey as they build from the back through their centrebacks.

    Rowe was great in the middle breaking up play and he can pick a pass. Actually quite excited about him getting a run of games.

    Stewart had the most indecisive game I've seen him have since the early season, Pierre is a proper player. Pace, strength, guile, brave, aerial ability. If he improves his distribution he could play to a very high standard.

    Thought bean did well breaking up play and covering. Might not be first choice next season but would definitely retain him as great cover in midfield and I rate him at right back. Solid defensively and no frills distribution. More than adequate replacement if McCarthy is not around.

    Allsop is an excellent number 1, I've seen him makes save after save last 6 weeks. Probably only reason we were still in the hunt for the play offs till Saturday.

    Harriman needs a rest as well bit due to injuries he's not been able to get one. Thompson looked threatening when he came on. Good player at this level but needs support.

    It's vital we get PCH next season as he can score 20 goals plus if deployed properly. Pace to burn, I would set up like Leicester do with Jamie vardy and look to get the ball into the channels and behind the centre backs.

    5 good signings pre season and Wycombe will get promoted!

  • Have to say that's a pretty good summary @mac899. Not much can add to that, except that yesterday just proved that Paul Hayes really can't play out wide like he had to in the first half. I really do like him as a player (up front) but yesterday he just looked lost in the first half - he didn't know whether to stick or twist most of the time and sadly didn't really get into the game even after moving more up front in the second half.

    I'm also still trying to fathom out why we stood off the centre-backs so much yesterday in the first half when the keeper was distributing the ball. Virtually every other game I've seen this season we've forced the keeper to kick out of his hands by pressing the defenders so they can't receive the ball, and yet yesterday we let him roll it out every time. And then we just backed off and backed off until they were in our half - just invitiing pressure which is so unlike us. Second half wasn't so bad after the change in formation, but I was just so surprised that we let it go for the whole of the first half.

  • Yep, you know that quote about someone being the sort of person you can go for ages without seeing and then the minute you see them they are immediately annoying? That's Col U

    Plus I'll never forget their antics in '91. Grizzled old fighters, 40+, piling into kids behind the goal

    All that said, their new ground is so shit, so devoid of atmosphere that it's all but killed it off. Although I'm pretty certain they'll act like knobs at our place

  • Don't worry Eric, that gang of six teenagers behind the goal will protect us.

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