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  • Before opening the link, my prediction of the prediction was 2-0 to Pompey. My actual prediction is 2-1 to Wycombe. Probably we need an OG to get the 2. COYC

  • I think we'll win tomorrow

  • Big game tomorrow, both in terms of the biggest crowd in the league and the difference the result could make to where Wycombe finish in the table. Get a win and Wycombe will still be in 8th place and a only 2 points at most (only 1 if Wimbledon lose) from a play-off position. A loss for Wycombe and wins for the next six teams currently below them in the table - possible, as none of those six have to play each other - and we could finish the day in 14th.

    I didn't see finishing the season in the bottom half of the table as a realistic possibility just a couple of weeks ago and still think that won't happen, but it doesn't look entirely unrealistic now.

  • After York Pressure is on although I doubt we'll get three points...there is a little bit of me that's not entirely impossible!

  • Anyone on a lift share today? I've got space if anyone needs

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