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PFA Division 4 Team of the Year

Adam Smith (Northampton); George Baldock (Oxford), Curtis Nelson (Plymouth), Aaron Pierre (Wycombe), Joe Jacobson (Wycombe); Ricky Holmes (Northampton), John-Joe O’Toole (Northampton), Matt Crooks (Accrington), Kemar Roofe (Oxford); Jay Simpson (Leyton Orient), Matty Taylor (Bristol Rovers).

Well done Aaron and Joe - top stuff and well deserved.


  • Well done and well deserved to both.

    O'Toole is an interesting choice but can't really argue about the others.

  • o'toole is head and shoulders above most players in the league...... thing is he's a twat

  • interesting!
    Did we get anyone in the 11 last year? I remember Mawson was in the top 3 players, but think he was excluded from the actual team!

  • That's the most sense we've ever had out of @bigred87

  • He needs an awful lot of head and shoulders to get the grease out. PAAARRP?

  • Great stuff - well done both and well deserved.

  • Pompey fans are not too impressed with Wycombe players appearing in the League 2Team of the Year:

    Hopefully Pierre will show them why tomorrow.

  • To be fair only one bitter ignorant Pompey fan has beef.

    Fully deserved, especially Pierre, in only his second full season playing at first team level.

  • It was a ridiculous line of argument too, how the hell have we been a "dead rubber" team all season, when we've been right in the play off mixer for most of it?

    They especially should know better as out play to get 2-0 up v them at home was probably one of our best halves in the season.

  • Great news for both of them.
    And yet over on the Facebook group, some of those loyal supporters are literally scoffing at the fact that Jacobson in in the team. Any opportunity to have a dig at the moment - what's the point?

  • a lot of them are young lads who live very much in the "today", and have zero balance, memory or bigger picture thinking.

    To say he's not been as good as last season could be levelled against anyone in the team. Last year was a phenomenal season, that unfortunately just petered out a little, and then obviously the sickening end at Wembley.

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