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Match day thread: Yeovil


  • Full match commentary will be on BBC Three Counties DAB and on Chairboys Player.

    This evening I'll be joined by Scotty.


  • We currently have four goalkeepers on the books but only one of them makes it into the match day squad. A little worrying. Maybe that's why Ainsworth has named himself on the bench!

  • edited April 2016

    Looks like Portsmouth emploding, will be under massive pressure on Saturday now !!

  • The playoff dream is now surely over....

  • The game in hand for Portsmouth is sadly against Wimbledon!

  • Worse than Saturday? I'm not sure. Quality was totally absent 1st half. 2nd half had more endeavour but it's difficult to imagine how we can create a goal.
    Was marginal for Saturday. Think I'll give it a swerve now.

  • aloysius. 4 keepers. Villa lad, Baz, Allsop & who have I missed?

  • Oh Lynch sorry.

  • Dire first half again. Second half we were not bad and were unlucky not to get a goal. Gozie did fairly well off the bench to inject a bit of life up front.

    The referee was incredibly weak with the time wasting, especially with regard to that arsehole in goal. The pathetic officiating is almost as frustrating as the football. And yoyoyoyo would Yeovil time waste for nil nil in a game like that is?!?

  • Tom. I fear the play off dream was only for the fans. The commitment I have witnessed suggests to me It was not the players dream.

  • Plain and simple the formation didn't work for us. Do we have players to do differently, I thought so. GA obviously does not as the same set up is rolled out week in week out with the same result.

    Danny Rowe had a nice cameo at the end.

    Roll on August

  • To the pleasure of the players partners, wives and girlfriends. Get out that factor 12 honeybee no need to switch them holiday dates.

  • The form has just nosedived since O'Nien got injured. If he and Pierre leave this summer then God help us.

  • Awful game, but we have been running on empty for a fair while now. O Nien bein injured was certainly the last straw.

    Without Jacobsen, Wood and O Nien on song, we look a sorry outfit who would struggle to beat anyone in the league.
    Probably just as well there's only 3 games left to see out.

    Unless we suddenly become a dynamic crossing team I've real concerns for Thompson next season. Hayes will most likely stay, but the two of them together has very rarely worked.

  • Cambridge beat Morcambe 7-0. Imagine being a Cambridge fan.

  • Or to put it another way, Cambridge scored as many goals in 90 minutes as Wycombe have in just under two months.

  • @drcongo I've imagined and got very angry thinking about how a highly paid and expensively assembled squad has cheated me with rubbish all season and turned up when it was too late.

    Morcambe are in a lot of trouble aren't they?

  • Would rather not - the excitement would probably polish me off and it would cost me a fortune supplying celebratory sweets to all and sundry every time we scored a goal. I was reduced to passing them round every time we got 2 corners midway through the second half and I've still got enough for the Accrington game.

  • I genuinely do not know why

  • (cont) Danny Rowe has not been a mainstay of or side all season

  • Would 3 wins out of 3 still be enough? Can't see us catching Wimbledon, but Portsmouth could lose to us, AFCW and then Northampton last day of the season! It's still on!! #believe

  • Poor game not helped by the terrace singing "we want a goal "

  • I think three wins would still be enough. But ithe trouble is we'd have to win three games!

  • Need to be playing well to have a chance..we are clearly not!

  • What makes it worse all the teams around Wycombe failed to get points.

  • I believe that Ryan Allsop is worthy of a special mention from the Yeovil match. Produced some excellent saves in particular the 1st half. Ryan must have incredible upper body strength. One save low to his right stood out to me, as the shot from relatively close range was very powerful and he managed to get a right glove on it and almost stop the ball dead! My MOM alongside Bean.

  • @Morris_Ital - Usually never think the chants are funny, but the 'we want a goal', followed by 'it's going in', 'we scored a goal' and for Ugwu 'he's gunna score' was actually the highlight of an evening that would've been better spent anywhere else.

    Gallows humour and all that jazz.

  • @Chris said:
    I think three wins would still be enough. But ithe trouble is we'd have to win three games!

    It probably would since I imagine we'd overtake Pompey. But we have only won two in ten so the chances of that happenig seem extremely slim indeed.

  • Stranger things have happened but I think we need Luke back and Gozie starting. Luke sounded last night like he was raring to go. Not sure he agreed when I suggested GA etc were right to be cautious. The latter did say in his post match interview that only one of the injured players was likely to be back on Saturday. Could be JJ who has had a hamstring problem?

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