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Has to be given an extension for a year at the end of the season even if we intend to use him as a squad player. Has been excellent in midfield, great character in the dressing room and natural leader. Broke his arm scoring the equaliser and stayed on against York! Absolute legend, represents everything good about the club and must be kept. While I appreciate we desperately need creativity and pace Bean, Blooms and O'Nien provide a very solid base in central midfield.


  • I just read on the Get Bucks website he's willing to take off his cast and play if needed with all our injury problems.

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    Start the conspiracy theories!

  • I don't see the problem.


  • Cracking pub now, more about it next season!

  • I make no secret of my being a 'Bloomer', so obviously I type this with bias dripping from every orifice, but I would be amazed if he didn't get at least a one year extension. I think he's mostly played very well when I've seen him and his desire and commitment make him a great role model for the younger players.

    He's expressed an interest in coaching and even though he's still only 30, I do wonder if he might take on a player/coach role next season.

  • Clearly a smashing bloke and I feel bad puncturing the love-in but....

    Opposite for me I'm afraid. I'll be astounded if he gets an extension. He spends most of the game 3 yards off the pace, his first touch is awful and his passing has faltered in recent times. An extension would be confirmation writ large that this seasons problems re the midfield are being ignored.

    I'm afraid he is no longer at the standard required at this level.

  • If a coaching post is available, I think it is more likely to go to Hayes.

  • Bloomfield's effort and commitment is beyond doubt, but as arnos says, he's been well off the pace this year. He's never been prolific but has not been the same since he did his ACL. His shooting is woeful and I can't remember too many defense splitting parts. Too many times his second touch is a sliding tackle.

    I'd like to have in around the club if finances allow, but if he gets more than 20 games next season, the lack of creativity will continue.

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    Personally, I think I'd give Bloomfield an extension but not Hayes, Wood or Bean. I think we will have a very young squad next season and of the four I think Matty is the best role model. He's committed, humble, eloquent, dedicated. He's also likely to be on the smallest salary and most willing to accept his role will be as a squad player going forward. I think Bean is by far the better player of the two central midfielders but his role, breaking up play, is also the easiest one to replace - specifically with Danny Rowe. As I've said elsewhere, I'd give Hayes a coaching role with a pay-per-play top up. But the savings on Hayes, Wood and Bean's salaries could realistically pay for six or seven new, younger players.

  • Bean should get a contract imo along with onien maybe sellers and lynch worth another year the rest should leave from the out of contract players.

  • I don't think there's much to be gained from releasing Bloomfield.

    He's still perfectly decent to be squad fill material, and can step in where necessary. His definite starter days are clearly well over, but you're not going to find anyone more committed or with more feeling for the club. That goes a long way.

    I'd say it's guaranteed he'll sign again. Can't be on the hugest money you'd imagine, although I expect none of us are really sure on this!

  • Welcome aboard @Aok84. I would love to comment on your post but I'm afraid (a) I would need to be reminded of those who will be out of contract this summer (b) I am not sure if you are referring to Ryan Sellers (assume you must be as the other, more impressive, Jerrel Sellars is on loan of course) and (c) I've forgotten!

    Jerrel Sellars has much to learn but his close control, trickery and incredible acceleration suggest that he would be well worth considerating for a further loan next season.

  • Thanks micra the players I would be realeasing are Hayes, Bloomfield, Wood, Ugwu and Max. Just think it would be good to freshen things up. I no its quite alot out but think its time to move on from these players and rebuild.

  • Hopefully bring paris cowan hall back, I think Pierre is almost certain to move on just hope we can get a fair sum for him. Would be trying to also get Mccarthy back on loan he seems to love the club so fingers crossed.

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    The problem with moving that many players on though AOK, is it becomes a bit of a lotto how next season will go, as we'd in effect have to bring half a starting team in. I'd be amazed if Ainsworth ever has such an incredible recruiting summer as he had in the summer of 2014

    It'd be drawing a line from last year, as most of that successful team would have gone.

  • Thanks for clarification @Aok84. I have a feeling that all five of the players you have mentioned will, for very different reasons, be staying on. Paul Hayes for his experience (much of it at a higher level) and his ability to direct operations; Bloomfield for all the reasons that have been rehearsed above and elsewhere; Woody because one below par season - quite possibly affected by niggling injuries does not mean he is finished at 29; and Ugwu and Kretschmar because they are both young and have recently shown signs of considerable potential.

  • Be surprised if Pierre is still here...I like what I've seen of the ginger Sellars...but it's not much...I think McGinn and O'Nien are the future in midfield, if they stay, but we do need a striker.

  • Thats a fair point im probally being abit harsh on Bloomfield as i think hes done ok. Im sure Ainsworth will offer Hayes and Wood deals as there favourites of his. My worry with Hayes is we already have Thommo whos 35. Wood has just had an awful season. Max hasnt progressed from a couple of years ago. Ugwu tries hard but just isnt good enough.

  • Fair comments. We shall see.

  • Thompson is a real worry. Will he even last to the end of next season, looks like he's staggering on as it is now.

    Bringing him in helped to put Holloway's nose out of joint, rendering him next to no use to us this season, whereas Thompson has chugged out a tiny handful of goals, bearing in mind he got 2 v Barnet away very early doors.

    Really hope Ainsworth has already sounded out a decent striker for next year.

  • Wasn't a good decision to give Thompson a 2 year contract was it? Hope Ainsworth learns from this error which means we can't bring another striker in toreplace him.

  • Thommo was a good transfer on paper - he'd scored double figures in League 1 last year with a team who got battered and relegated.

    The 2 year part of the contract was probably non-negotiable. He needs security as his career draws to a close. He's been one of our highest scorers.

    I think he can make an impact from the bench next year. Bring Hayes off, Thompson on.

  • I think Wendoverman means the ginger Sellers.

  • Too high an earner to use as an impact player I'd suggest

  • Despite none of them necessarily sparkling for us this season, I'd like to see us keep Hayes, Bloomfield and Wood. Bean I'd be happy to keep, but equally I wouldn't be massively shocked or overly gutted if he were released.

    As for the others; Sellers I've seen too little of to form much of an opinion. He's never wowed me, but he's young and presumably on about 2p a week so may be retained. I'd probably just get rid personally. I'd give Lynch another year. Ugwu, I just don't see the potential that others say they do. He's strong and works hard, but seems to create little with it. Is he really going to score many goals for us? Get rid IMHO.

  • Agree on Ugwu @Jonny_King I'm too old to deal with the stress of him missing another sitter

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