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Martin Allen

Bigging us up - just a little bit!

Never thought I'd say this, but I like his interview style. Like the bit about his golf mate as well.


  • Sorry - forgot the link.

  • Seems Martin Allen thinks Bourne70's as much of a pain in the arse as the rest of us

  • @eric_plant you bastard, I just burst out laughing at work

  • Great interview. And he's right. (Having said that I hope we wallop them at the weekend)

  • 5.07 Mad Dog told him to shut up and look at the league table.

  • Local for him, does he still live up in Prestwood?

  • @eric_plant said:
    Seems Martin Allen thinks Bourne70's as much of a pain in the arse as the rest of us;article=784516

  • He probably realises that somewhere another poor manager on a golf course is being harangued about how badly Barnet play! Poor though some of the games have been this season, I do find it a bit depressing that there are some who can see nothing positive about our present position...and are so angrily negative about everything. Gawd knows what they would be saying if we were 18th or 19th! I for one do not believe that the club is lying about money or that the manager and players are lacking in commitment or ambition to be promoted. I've seen nothing this season at AP to suggest that is the case despite the fact we've come up short quite a few times.

  • Sorry, it was a rather round the houses way of saying that I liked your post!

  • Nice to hear some unscripted candor from big Marty, would love Gaz to give an honest appraisal of the team/club at the end of the season rather than the meaningless corporate party line his media coaching seems to have resulted in.

  • I have been fortunate enough to have met Martin socially and in work on several occasions. He is a genuine guy. I disagree with RIM I would like to see him as manager of WW should Gareth move on.
    If you read Chris Hargreaves biography he gives some good tales of his time at Brentford with Mad Dog.

  • Not that accurate about the state of his players injuries, was he?

  • About as accurate as our account on ours eh Alan?

  • Allen's performance from the dugout today was probably more entertaining than the game. And he had time to change a few jokes with the fans behind him. Seems like a man who likes to manage with a smile on his face.

  • MA was trying to gain and advantage and so was GA, neither did as it ended in a draw and we were lucky to get that. I would like to see the goalkeeper sent back now and the villa lad given a few games as he maybe available for next season.

  • Yeah, there was definitely Mourinho-esque false compliments going on from both sides, so in terms of the pre-match bullshit perhaps the draw was fair.

  • Compare and contrast the last few lines with Gareth...

    "Good Morning
    On Saturday we face Grimsby away who have hit form and have the backing of a passionate 8,000 people. It is a club with great history and I used to love watching Alan Buckley's team punching above their weight just a few years ago. I'm really looking forward to Saturday, I just love these special days.
    On the injury front, we are missing Elliott Johnson, Dave Tarpey, Harry Taylor, Mauro Vilhete, Jamie Stephens, George Legg, Fuad Sule, Simeon Akinola, Darnell Smith and Ephron Mason-Clark. We have late fitness tests for Ricardo Santos, Dan Sweeney and John Akinde so we have added a couple of Youth Team players to the squad.
    Unfortunately, all the training pitches have been flooded this week but we have done our best to prepare the best we can.
    It's a long way to go and a difficult journey which costs a lot of money and after our last performance away from home, I can fully understand how most supporters would not want to make the journey.
    Take care,

    “I’m really pleased to see the fans backing us in their numbers on the road and hopefully we can deliver for them again on Saturday.
    “My message to them is to keep the support going. There are three away games left and I’m hoping we can take as many as we can, try to outsing the home support and stick together as we have done all season.”

  • Yes, it must be great to hear that sort of encouraging information about the injury situation.
    Incidentally, I understand that Anthony Stewart has gone from close to very close.

  • He's simply playing a cute game, making it all sound completely against him, but how he'll do his best. An absolute no lose situation for him really.

  • Martin Allen is good value for money but is also very, very shrewd. Had Barnet appointed him instead of getting involved with Mark McGhee & the obnoxious Graham Westley they'd be out of danger by now. Martin Allen is very meticulous, passionate and hard-working. If Barnet do go down (as long as he stays) put an each-way bet on them going straight back up again. But don't bet against them staying up either.

  • He'll forever be the irritating sidekick of the utterly obnoxious Alan Pardew acting like a total nob on the touchline when they were in charge of one of the least likeable sides we've ever come across in Reading

    Sorry Andy

  • Waving that crutch about lol

  • Remember that day. Had the misfortune to work with a fair few Reading fans at the time, and some of them used to try and come over all superior, in much the same way as Luton or Oxford fans might do now.

  • The dullest of the dull

  • It must be awful to support Reading.

  • Why is that out of interest @Floyd?

  • How long have you got?

    Hopeless out of town stadium probably, the worst of its kind
    Marooned in the championship
    Not even the best supported club in their one one club town
    Mix all that with their superior attitude and unrealistic expectations and It must be pretty miserable.

  • The bottom one I grant you, but the others seem strange.
    Not a bad place to be, the second tier is it? Especially after being penalty kicks away from the Premier league last year.

    Their "out of town" stadium, is about 400metres away from a major motorway junction, making it super accessible, with tonnes of local buses to get fans in.

    I wonder how many clubs are the best supported in their own town. We certainly aren't.

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