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FC United of Manchester

Bit of a sad tale this and (I guess) a reminder for us all.

Watched one of their away games a couple of years ago in the Northern League - 1000 travelling fans in a ground that usually sees 250 fans. They created a cracking atmosphere and were a decent bunch to chat with in the clubhouse post match.


  • I literally just read that article before coming here. I guess it just proves that all things founded with honest aims that experience some degree of success are ultimately prone to growing pains and politics.

    Bringing it back in terms of reference to WWFC, I actually think GA and Howard have managed things pretty well in terms of balancing the "we're financially fvcked and can't afford more players" and "all in it together" messages, and despite the moans on here (including my own in reference to our gamesmanship) I think the fans are more behind the club than they've been in a long time - no easy feat.

  • I think I worry more about divisions between supporters and the board or groups within our club like this than I do about stuff like our perilous finances.
    I hope that they sort it out because MUFC now is just a brand a bit like MG cars or Bush TVs something that used to be made here but is now just a label a foreign owner sticks on stuff to make it easier to sell .

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