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Why not play both Liburn and Sellars up front. Just to sign them for cameo appearances is a waste of time. If they play in tandem and score some goals then all well and good, if they don't there is nothing lost as we have a dearth of goals anyway.they might just propel us to the play offs !


  • Because they are inexperienced and don't look capable of doing the defensive work that is done by Thompson and Hayes when they play up front.

  • Liburd isn't better than Thompson or if he is then he doesn't know how to use his body or be strong.
    I agree we need to try something different but GA has got us this far with the lack of goals, defending is also an art !!!!

  • I'd like to see Jerrell get a start (or at least a bit more than 10 minutes).

  • @Hughie They had about 25 minutes on the pitch together on Monday and neither looked like scoring nor contributed much to keeping possession and aiding the defence. Thompson and Hayes, whilst neither were great on the day, contributed a lot more to the overall team.

    I would like to see Sellars given more of a run out alongside Hayes, as I feel they could create some good scoring opportunities together, but it didn't seem to work with him and Liburd.

  • I agree, GA is selecting them for overall contribution not just goals or lack of.

  • I honestly think playing GT in the centre is a waste when he has played really well when he has gone wide. The trouble is at who's expense? He prefers wide right so Harriman? No. Harriman can't play as well wide left. If we do insist on playing Hayes and GT then one of them has to be sacrificed to a pure attacking role and stay up top. Dropping deep is wonderful and all good for the greater good but lets win a game 3-2 instead of drawing 0-0. Our strikers are not missing chances they are not even close to that yet and that can only be cured by them staying where the ball might arrive for them to shoot.

  • Good posts, agree it's a fine art, the forwards keeping a tight shape defensively and also possessing a strikers threat, anyway it might not be pleasing on the eye but we are still in it to win it with our resources (pretty solid at the back) Still think we will get into the playoffs.

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