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61 Points

Eagerly awaiting to hear our new target for the final matches.


  • Having reached our traget we can declare now!

  • Let's hope so. I can save some money then

  • We do not need another points target.
    By playing as we are currently and with GA keeping the team focussed only on the next game - we can now establish ourselves in the play off places.
    Promotion via play offs is in our hands.

  • Last man put the lights out

  • Viva el 61 puntos!!

    Arriba Los Chairboys!

  • LX1LX1
    edited March 2016

    61 points we're having a laugh. Clearly our target for rest of season is play offs. No more 'punching above our weight' please

  • Great excuse for a party, that! Mexican themed eh Morris, (Ital food perhaps;) Hire in los marriachis and break out los sombreros! Andele andele, arriba las sillas!

  • Gareth needs to go back to his office and find the document called 'To Do List Summer 2015'. It has 2 lines on it - sign goalscorer, sign creative midfielder. Just try again.

  • Poxford are slipping towards the end of the season I have a nasty feeling we will end up playing them in the playoffs. Be nice to see them slip up though, wipe the smug anyone off their faces.

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